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personally the first time i tasted akutaq, i killed myself not to puke infronna my inuit friend cos it was so nice of her to make that for me, i didnt eat till next morning, the second time i tried it (the one in the last post pic) it tasted more like berries, not too bad but the oil gonna make your stomach sick , so im not gonna try any ice-cream without milk, but it’s not too bad to know about the orgin.

The word “akutaq” (phonetic:agoodik) means “the blended one, the mixture.” Akutaq is also known as “Eskimo ice cream.” This is a classic Native delicacy, popular throughout Alaska. The recipe differs greatly depending on the part of the region in which it is made.

The ingredients before Western contact often included:

n One or more kinds of berries:salmonberries (akpiq), blackberries(aqlluk), or blueberries.

n Animal oil (seal, walrus, or whale).

n Dried fat (reindeer, caribou, or moose).

n Fish (trout, salmon, etc.).

n Fish liver.

n Dried salmon eggs.

n Greens.

There was no sugar. In Solomon, some people made it with squirrel liver fat, seal oil and blueberries. Oil is made from the blubber (fat) next to the skin of a seal, walrus, or whale. The blubber is flushed off the skin, cut into strips and stored in seal pokes, wooden barrels, or other large containers. It is left to render and eventually turns into oil. The preparation of the reindeer, caribou, or moose fat is to hang dry and freeze.When ready to use the fat, it is grated into small pieces; animal oil is added slowly while beating with the hand. After some seal oil has been used, a little water is added while whipping. More oil and water are added until the mixture turns white and fluffy. At this point, berries and any of the above ingredients are added.

Women traditionally made Eskimo ice cream after the first catch of a polar bear or seal. The woman (grandmother or mother of the hunter) would prepare the akutaq and share it with community members during a special occasion such as a potluck. Ingredients today consist of some of the above, Crisco, sugar, dried fruit (such as apricots or peaches), frozen raspberries or raisins.

How akutaq is made has changed throughout Alaska. However, people have lived in this harsh environment for thousands of years, and akutaq has remained a much desired, tasty dessert.

what you need now:

1 lb. dried (grated or shredded) reindeer fat

1 c. seal oil

1 pint salmonberries

3 c. blackberries

1 c. sugar

What to do:

n Add water to reindeer fat and seal oil till frothy.

n Add berries and sugar.

n Enjoy!

Recipe from Geri Hoogendorn, tribal family coordinator



  1. That sounds absolutely disgusting, I think eating all that fat would make me sick!

  2. hhhmmm so im gonna make you one whenever you come here

  3. blech!

  4. me too 😦

  5. Hey, I like akutaq so much I make it every Christmas even after I moved out of Alaska. Did you eat too much of it the first time? Gussiq stomachs need time to adjust to it.

  6. well i dont know how much i ate but it really tasted horrible i dont wanna even think about it 😉

  7. man akutaq’s the best with only crisco sugar and berrys lol 🙂 😉 l8r ppl plus im a eskimo

  8. :)>-

  9. hahaha i m a hot lover girl! wanna try me and i love aqutak so bring it on babe

  10. :*

  11. wow you guys, akutaq is like soooo yummy when mixed with cranberries, crisco, sugar, and rice!!! rice akutaq is the bestest!!! you people just didn’t try out the eskimo icecream goodness.~

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