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Monthly Archives: June 2006

on the dark side of my room
there’s a little hole
i never dared to look in there
cos im sure it belongs to a whore

on the dark side of my mind
there’s a big village
angels, demons of any kind
live there fighting every time

on the dark side of my heart
there’s a rotton smelly part
i keep it for rainy days
to hate yo when love goes away!

yiiihhhaaaawwww i updated my blog at last, i did miss it but didnt have time for it.
i spent a while drawing & this stupid puter didnt saved it, again i did it, it closed without saving, at last i hit it in the head so like a good bitchy puter it saved, omg, the first one looked a lot better.
to see my mastershit, click here, but before clicking never dare to laugh at me or i haunt your soul tonight!2500.jpg

definition of in-law:the most irritating person yo can think of that is made to be part of your family by force of law.
facts: the first creature who was made for using in hell after satan was in-laws
what am i?! im an in-law too, sun-outlaw oooppps i meant son-in-law.
purpose of this post: it’s nothing about sleeping or hedge,im trying to make sentences with in-law as much as i can.
question 1: what should you do when a hellboy become your son-in-law?
bullets, rockets, other missles are useless, you better hang yerself
question 2:what would happen if a hellboy becomes your dad-in-law?
what?! how dare yo wanna marry devil’s daughter!
question 3:im blank, boldly blank! eehheemm ehheeemmm
today i reallized i had nothing to worry about, jus work, having my dinner then to bed, life’s so simply boring again. as a result i decided to make fun of somebody, wanna guess? nah!? k, i wanna make fun of myself.
what should i do for that?! nothing jus sending another shitty post, yiiihhhaaaa
im a bit bored, i dunno what’s wrong with me, kinda tired of bloggin i guess. i read lotta new blogs, im kinda tired of reading other people’s journals. im not even in the mood of reading anything good. i better die!
gotta concentrate, i hate myself when i wanna be funny but cant find anything to make fun of!
i jus reallized i didnt(bold-italic-large font) miss my wife as much as i had imagined, she’s back; doing all the housework alone & i jus sit & supervise! it’s a hard time to live!
things to ponder: i was wondering why im trying to show i hate my in-laws, but the fact is they’re one of the best people i’ve ever known. im gonna tell yo why!
Cos im the most disgusting well not the most jus one of the most, son-in-laws in the world. sometimes i wonder how wise God was to match demons with angels so none of ’em defeat the other!
bleep bleep bleep, restarted again, im jus back from the kitchen part of the house, rereading some of the above, wanted to do the backspace process again, but what’s the use of it?!?
i need a while to regain some develish powers; till then yo better keep with this crap or hang yerself!
quote of the day:” i wanna thank yo mom, i wanna thank yo dad, for bring me to this fucking world.” -changed one of M.manson’s songs-
conclusion: i wanna thank my in-laws for tolerating me & letting me be part of their family
confession: though it’s really hard but i gotta confess i have to love my in-laws (do we have wife-in-law too?!) they’re really cool, ready to kick my ass whenever i need it. im sorry for those guys who think i have problem with ’em. im the problem myself! yihihihi
RATING: according to wifenews, this blog is just a sparkle of new literature known as “crapism”. so i name myself the biggest crapist of this planet!
she also claimed that she has no idea how simple i can exaggerate or censor things to give myself self-pleasure!
actually i was thinking of changing hellboy to crapist but then thought may be some idiots imagine it stands for C-rapist, that i dunno what it is either, making my world really complicated!
whatelse?! aha i was wondering why i cant upload a picture in it’s actual size? i dont think it’s anything complicated, maybe it’s cos im using opera?!?!?!? whatever, I.E sucks! cna anyone help me with the picture thing?!
plan: i wanna kill Bill Gates, i really want it, i hate rich people!
lemme see, i wrote lotta crap, i put my quote, conclusion….aha my picture’s missing!
pic chosen! i better go update my zorgplanet now.
Question of the day: which one you prefer, alex or alexis?! it’s my new fighting topic!untitled5.JPG

mood: high self-censorship
symptoms:spent an hour on a post thinking it’s funny, but it wasnt so i kept my finger on the backspace creature till the screen was clean as shit again
wish: want a whole week to eat, rest, shit & sleep
mental shutdown: wife called me million times, still she had to ask our neighbor to tell me she’s coming home earlier
recent bravest deed: changed alex’s shitty diaper for the nth (n approaches infinity) times & sweared i wont do it again, evenif she kills herself crying
latest surprise: meg arrived 12 hours earlier than i expected
latest shock: she arrived with all my nightmares together
nightmare definition: my in-laws & granny altogether, well she told me; i was jus too silly not to believe.
recent discovery: im losing my bones; in the world of underweight people, losing weight means kinda death, so in the last few days i lost another 1.5+lb (actually it was 1.99999lb) im sure now im losing extra fat stored in my bones or maybe the bones!
feeling: as shitty as anyone can, with my granny here, i jus lack words to express my love to my in-law.
holiday plan: nothing new, as it was planned the rest of bitches are arriving on friday night, making me wonder what a hell my house would be like with people aging from 10 months to +100yr ol (eerrr jus kidding ok the oldest’s 72& surely it’s not me, i jus hatched a few seconds ago :).
im going for a biking hiking trip with my bros & their attached guys, hope my granny enjoy the company of my in-laws, im sure both of ’em can please themselves by bitching about moi.
what’s next: this post is worst than anything i could think of.
needs:lotta vitamins, some super powers & a place to live in for a while, mexico probably
notes:im gonna leave my job & work in a nursery jus to have more smelly diapers everyday
quote of the day:”A narcissist is someone better-looking than you are.” – Gore Vidal , hhhmmm well that’s my reason not to take a look at myself in the mirror 🙂
fact:i hit my head against something i dont remember, but i know im not working properly
& latest activity: im readin a book, something really BS. “….Irish short stories” it’s quite a thick book so i better return it to the library cos i hate being fined!
last word: “dont shit in my pants,im old enough to do it myself.”
conclusion: if yo think im anything sad, annoyed or pissed, yo better get yer mind fixed. im really happy cos the wife (countable noun, but never dare to use it in the plural form!) is back & my family that’d be altogether soon. obviously i love my in-laws ,not yo!
& the last last thing: how could france beat Spain?!? 3-1 omfg!
i forgot another thing, in the previous post i forgot to introduce, mr arctic wolf, yeah it’s not anything ordinary, it’s arctic like me, im an ARCTIC hellboy!251124038004.jpg

don’t run away
come stay near
take a look here
no monster, just me

the fear inside
the gear outside
it’s a creepy fight
no winner, allright

lost in sanity
useless vanity
it’s crap again
jus rhyming in vein.

i know i have no talent in writing, but i was a bit bored & i like rhyming words.
i was watching “bother” by Stone sour; it’s a good band, specially cos you can find shouting Corey Tylor from slipknot, unmasked singing melodic.(yeah funny) if not tears, there wont be headaches.i!
whatelse? watching news i saw N.Kidman again, this time with K. Urban. i dont fucking care about any of ’em, specially urban cos i dont like his music, not the kinda crap i listen. so why paying attention?! hhmmm i have this terrible habit of tracking famous people with my name; that’s the only reason. till now beside myself & K. Richards (rolling stone’s guitarist) i found no other keith worth caring, yihihihii!
back to the “bother” song, it’s a must be listened at least once, specially when yo feel kinda mentally bruised & battered, like me.
at the moment, i started another battle with the demons & angels, lotta creepy things crawling in my mind, dying to write but have no time, i know when i find the time, either the battle’s over or im way too tired to write.
discovery of the day: this blog sucks, i know blogs are about the part of us hidden under tones of daily shits that’s quite different from what we are, but as far as i reallized my recent posts are far different from what i am; it sucks like hell, maybe it gets better after 28th.
so im working on my first movie “when wednesday comes” starring by moi!
FYI: there’s a movie “when saturday comes” that sean bean played (who’s sean bean?! are yo nuts? yo better watch LOTR then!
quote of the day: i thought of something really thoughtful while bathing but forgot it! hihihihi not too bad for a quote!mech_01.jpg

quote of the day:”The weirder you’re going to behave, the more normal you should look. It works in reverse, too. When I see a kid with three or four rings in his nose, I know there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about that person.” – P. J. O’Rourke conclusion: im just lost, jus wanna be myself, nothing weird , right?last night walking down hte stairs i heard something hit against the wall; so i had to turn the lights on. to my surprise there was a little bird (hell i never had the guts to learn names of birds here) sitting by the mirror thinking there’s his/her missing part jus there; i spent a while looking at it.
not at all afraid of me, & it was really cute, i tried to catch it & it jus got closer to the image in the mirror, at last i caught it, too hard to hold cos it was really small. i ran upstairs to show it to alex; she was more than excited killing herself to convince me to let her touch it. the more i held it the louder it shouted, the more excited the little girl became, to end the excitement, i jus opened the window, i let it go & it flew without thinking again of the image there. well it took a while to make alex sleep cos she wanted that cute creature back & longer time to find something to help my itching hand. personally i hate all the birds & cats & animals with fair cos im allergic to all of ’em & the itching can drive me really crazy, but for the girl’s sake it was worth it.
after alex slept i went down the stairs, wishing i could see that little bird again. obviously it didnt come, but i sat there & stared at my own image drowning in another internal battle. as a result i didnt get much sleep last night.
notes: 1. i left the back door open, that was how the little bird popped out.
2. at last it monday again, i hate counting days but this time im really dying for wednsday.
3. demoness was lucky i didnt put her in the garbage can ( im sure they’d return her anyway)
4. i jus wanna sleep & the next time i open my eyes my nightmare’s over. i learned my lessons, it’s so hard to live without my nightmare. hey meg apparently i gotta confess i miss yo badly,im tired of babysitting!untitled4.JPG

Quote of the day:”Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom.” – George Iles conclusion:im a wise guy, im a wise guy!
i came to earth as my punishment, no doubt; so i had no choice to select where to live, if i had the chance to choose, i’d be a happy negga living in middle east, hhhmmm neggas dont live in middle east, ok what about south africa?
so unluckily i was born in the US of A; so apart from English as my mother tongue (guess it’d change to spanish in near future!) i have to learn spanish, arabic, japanese, vietnamese, some eastern european languages & if lucky inuit to communicate with other people here.
so as the genius boy i am (never doubt it, im warning yo!); i decided to ask for help to clean the mess all over the house i made it all my own with a little help of my demoness.
911?!! hhhmm no i didnt call’em but actually it was wiser to call’em later.
i searched the web, looking for some services here, yep i know what telephone book is but i manage my shit with WWW!
so as easy as it could be i got myself somebody to clean the mess, she was supposed to arrive on 4.30, jebzuz i hate the waiting process, aint i paying yo? would it be so hard to arrive on time? as the devil’s my eternal father, i was burning in flames when she arrived round 5.10, omfg. knock knock, “yomathafuker come in”
she came in but i couldnt help myself not to laugh, she wasnt more than 4′ 8″ (that’s round 142cm for those who dont like our units) originally some fucking ~nese, whachmacallid, hhhmm chinese i suppose, let’s call her ms. hooo, i doubt she was 18, but she said so & hell she almost couldnt talk english, i wondered maybe she knows inuit so i can call a friend for help. nahhhh. lmao!
so i had this young miniature shit infronna my eyes. so where should we start?! hhhmmm let’s do it with the livingroom & kitchen, it took me over 45 minutes to make it clear for her what i wanted.
so i left her with dishes i hadnt washed for several days & piles of clothes to be washed & ironed, i even told her how to use the washing machine, wrote it down which one to press blahblah blah…
& i went to the day care, i was 10 minutes late & the babysitter was hell frustrated (so i had to look as innocent as i could to explain my excuse) then i went to a friend’s house, they have a daughter that loves playing with alex, so i appreciate their help. it was some time after 8 when we were home, i was thinking of a neat house as i opened the door.
breathe deep , deeper, deeper, im not supposed to shout cos it’d make the baby cry …..
nothing wonderful, nothing cleaned, all alex’s toys were on the floor the way we were playing last night, nothing vaccumed, i dunno how i could managed my anger cos most of the time yo can see the flames from miles away!
cut the long story short, this mathafuckin creature didnt know a shit about cleaning, im sure she’d never washed a plate when she was in her own country. blessed as shit, she’d finished jus 1/10th of the dishes, broken my mug (that was kinda dear to me cos it was my first b’day gift from meg & i took it wherever i went), and almost crying cos she didnt know what to do with the washed dishes.(was it my fault she was so tiny?!)
so as a thoughtful dad i am with the creeping crawling creature i have; i had to clean her mess on the floor asap, i told her to collect the bigger pieces till i bring the vaccuum, what she did was staring at me as if i was an alien with 10″ tails (well i have that tail but a few people can see it )
at last the mess was cleared, she was playing with alex using international language to communicate , well poor baby she’s gonna talk chinese first 😦
then i reallized her second mess, i had piles ofsoaking wet clothes infronna my eyes, not too bad, she’d washed my underwear & other stuff with meg’s colored blouses(mostly red, pink,….), omfg, i wouldnt blame her if i gave all of those in the same basket, i put’em in 3 baskets, not too difficult to understand they should be washed seperately. so now i have the most colorful pants in the world (but im not gonna show yo) worst than that she put the only proper shirt i had with all those mess, i was jus lucky she didnt find enough space to put alex’s clothes in.
i was jus wondering what should i say to her that she can understand & make me calm, i was jus thinking of calling her boss & using whatever good words i learned in my teens, at least to calm myself, when outta nowhere this cunt came crying:”serrrr, Du NAT kall mai busss!” omfg, how do yo know what i was thinking about?!
end of story: it was a happy ending, i took that bitch to her working place & shouted as loud as i could releasing all the raoring wrath(they’d call 911 if i stayed an other second), they’re sending another bitch today, to clean all the mess! not too bad, im quite satisfied.
moral of the story: do your own shit yer-fucking-self or tolerate yer shouting wife,she’d be calm in an hour & forgive yo with a bounch of flowers!(see i’ve learned my lessons!)
ok time for bath, i wanna use my cool pants then go out & show it to all my neighbors (FYI: my boss lives right behind our house,so im thinking of a promotion)
have a nice weekend, i gotta think how could that cunt be alive, guess she had some overpowerful gods protecting her!
wife’s be back in 4 days time, to survive or not to survive, that’s the question!
UPDATE: the house is clean as shit, im proud of myself!
2. to kill or not to kill, that’s the question, the answer’s up to demoness!

quote of the day:There are more chickens than people in the world.So im goin out for BBq!
recently im in such a status of mind that i call it,shitty-creepy-blankness.
well may be it seems nothing new to you, i’ve been lacking for a while, i know. but now it’s really worst. wish i could go to a doc(of any kind) but im sure they’ve never heard of my sickness; well not their fault, no human beings catch this,(it’s jus for evilish creatures!).
i feel kinda dead, kinda lost. i hate sitting somewhere wasting my time doing nothing, i love every thing hectic, make yo go nuts, no time to scratch yer head. that’s why i always do my work the last minute but hand still on time. i love the feeling of being chased by a time demon, running & running & running.
in fact there are times i enjoy sitting on my chair listening to music & drown in my thoughts. but whenever i get this “shitty-creepy-blankness”, im dead. i sit, listen to music but have nowhere to drown in. jus as blank as hell, nothing new to do, to say, to make & i hate myself for that.
may be there are many times i have nothing new to write, but i can ensure yo i have said or made a new shit that day.
now im blank, blank as hell, it’s jus a feeling of emptiness , restlessly doing nothing that could satisfy my thirsty soul.
jebus i cant write anything worth reading. lemme think…..
aha let’s write about my recent discoveries:
your life is fascinating when:
1. you’re bathing yer baby demon & suddenly yo hear a bang from the lightbulb & then the place is as dark as hell, dont forget that the baby started crying & yo dont have any extra lamp & nobodyelse’s at home
2. yer in-law calls & says she wont come cos she’s really sick, yo cheer first but as soon as yo see the little demon yo start crying
3. yo go to supermarket, spend a long time to remember & find what yo need (cos there’s no shopping list) the demoness shout as loud as she wants, at last when the cashier asks for the money yo realize yo left yer wallet at home
4.yer puter keeps on restarting so yo decide to install a new windows, after 2 hours yer puter’s cool again with whatever program yo wanted, yo restart it again & hell in 5 minutes time it goes back the restarting procedure, the next day yo install another windows, the same shit happens, yo use whatever anti-virus yo have,nothing happens, yo examine yer hardware, nothing there.
on day three yo accidentally bump into something new, hell yo there, freeze! yo format whatever yo have (well almost whatever) -this is really depressing cos it’s a life time, i have 120Gb hard disk, guess yo can think how depressing it is to format all those life time collection by yer own. im doing fine with my new windows, fuck microsoft anyway!
5. yo reallize yo miss yer spouse somehow, actually yo have no one to quarrel with discover one of the greatest gifts god gave yo is being a male-creature; the job of being mom is disgusting & the money’s not worth it (guess nobody gonna pay yo for being a mom!)
7. you cant load the post page of wordpress by I.E. & when yo do it with Opera it says it’s not supported by yer server, WTF!
jebzuz, im feeling a lot better, let’s get ready for match of US v Ghana!
PS im gonna be dead till next wednsday, the only woman on this planet who can make me cry is demoness( well her mom’s not counted); so im selling a baby. any one want a baby girl for a week, she’s so cute, so lovely so genious, so PAIN IN THE ASS!
PPS one day i was a bad boy in hell so mr. satan decided to punish moi, as a result he sent me to earth to live like humans for a while, apart missing home so much & hating the cold weather, he didnt warned me i shouldnt do the heavenly act of marriage!
im done, gotta make breakfast for alex 😉

she's not yet arrived & i doubt she'd come.

i swear i didnt send any hex, curse or whatever evil thing to her, she's jus sick, so let's be home-alone together!

"Stewardesses" is the longest word typed
with only the left hand and "lollipop" with
your right.   (Bet you tried this out mentally,
didn't you?)

Maine is the only state whose name is just
one syllable.  {I'll bet you're going to check
this out.}

No word in the English language rhymes
with month, orange, silver, or purple.

"Dreamt" is the only English word that
ends in the letters "mt". {Are you doubting

Our eyes are always the same size from
birth, but our nose and ears never stop
growing.  {Too bad…}

The sentence: "The quick brown fox jumps
over the lazy dog" uses every letter of the
alphabet. {Now, you KNOW you're going
to try this out for accuracy, right?}

The words 'racecar,' 'kayak' and 'level' are
the same whether they are read left to right
or right to left (palindromes). {Yep, I knew
you were going to "do" this one.}

There are only four words in the English
language which end in "dous": tremendous,
horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous.
{You're not doubting this, are you?}

There are two words in the English language
that have all five vowels in order: "abstemious"
and "facetious." {Yes, admit it, you are going
to say …… a e i o u}

yesterday wife flew to boston & wont be around till next wednesday.
baby devil’s asleep now & im kinda bored-lonely (shit it sucks).
my be-loved mom-in-law gonna arrive this mornig so if you didnt hear of me again; dont waste much time thinking what happend, it’s america, it’s alaska, it’s hunting season & many flying bullets moving aimlessly in the air!
God protect me from all unregistered demons (im a registered one!)

“Smart Blondes?”

A truck driver was tooling down the highway one afternoon and heard a “pop.” Thinking that perhaps he had blown a tire, he steered
the rig onto the shoulder and walked back to check his tires.
He found a bottle laying in the gutter. He picked it up and wiped off the label to see what kind of bottle it was when a very old genie popped out.
The genie said, “Man, I’m too old for this! You get one wish–not three–just one.”
The driver thought long and hard, and finally said, “It would be really nice for all the bridges to be wide enough that over-sized loads could
get through without any trouble.”

The genie said, “Do you know how many bridges that would be?! Can’t you come up with something simpler?”
The driver replied, “How about if you make all the blondes as smart as brunettes?”
The genie shook his head vigorously and answered, “How wide would you like those bridges?”

walking on yer tiptoes

i wanna pull out all yer nails

to show you how far i can go

to stop those foolish laughing foes


it's jus about you and me

that's the reason you're laying

motionless,on the ground,

cant yo see,cant yo feel?


yeah that's it, all the pain

and there's nothing to gain

so stop this foolish loop

shot me dead or i do it for you

im enjoying my weekend, & it’s gettin really hot here (round 70 *~*)
quote of the day by moi:”burn yer lunch to make a romantic moment”
So let me heal
So let me feel
So let me kill this need
Let me bleed
Let it feed
Let it plant its seed
Let it shout its greed
Starving to death
Huntin to get
burnin to death
turning to dirt
it feeds me in
hurts me within
holds me tight
makes me hot
so let me be what I’m inside
smell the flesh taste the blood

just imagine one day you wake up and discover:
1. you have two shiny little horn on yer head
2. you woke up earlier than sun
3. your breakfast is ready and you dont have to bother yourself with cooking & burning yerself
4. you got a letter from an unknown friend saying all your debts were paid
5.goverment has discovered you’re mexican so you dont have to pay tax anymore
6. everything is free cos you’re so special(well im special anyway)
7. you find yer 10 months ol baby talking, walking & doing everything she likes without asking for your help
8. you live in alaska but there are lotta trees & lotta zebras
9. there’s a spaceship waiting outside your door to take you wherever you like
10. you dont have to go to work, they pay you anyway
11.your in-law appears outta nowhere and say:”at your service, sir”
12. you can talk any language you want but you have to go to English classes 😦
13. your brother gives you a hen laying golden eggs (where’s Jack?)
14. you’re the hottest guy on the planet (well this was obvious from all the smoke around yo)
15. your wife’s mouth is shut, zipped & sealed whenever you ask
16. you can dive in yer pool of wine (hell do i know how to swim?)
17. your socks are all washed & put in your drawer so you dont have to look for a pair in the fridge
18. there’s a big welcome sign outta yer house (well better say yer palace) saying” welcome to Heaven Hell”
19. hhhmmm im blank again, guess it’s enough for the begining of the era of “not being shit for a while”
notes:1. congrats to all English guys & England fans; match report: England 2-Trinidad 0, God save the queen!
2. i went to work again & now im feeling alot better
conclusion: shit rocks,hellboy sucks! thanks for tolerating moi!

dear nightmare, thanks for staying awake all night, talking & giving me headaches.
thanks for leaving me alone with yer demon.
thanks for the so many times yo nagged & ordered non-stop
& thanks for loving me, you know i love you too

jus cant sleep, my little demon took whatever strength left in my body, hell i hadnt noticed she’s this heavy. her mom’s out on duty & so im alone with this sleeping demon, wish i could sleep like her.
to stop acting like shit & complaining about how life sucks that obviously is an old story & nobody wanna hear it again, i dig through my mailbox & find this, it’s sorta funny, im done!

A man died and went to straight down to hell. The devil greeted him and gave him a guided tour of the place. He told the man that there were three rooms he could chose from in which to spend eternity.
The first room was full of flames so hot the man couldn’t even breathe. He told the devil that there was no way he was choosing that room. So they moved on.
The next room they came to was full of people who were being beaten and tortured. It looked so painful the man could not watch. He told the devil he definitely didn’t want that room, and they moved on.
The last room they came to was full of people who were just sitting around drinking coffee and relaxing. The only thing was that they were standing around in about two feet of poop. The man looked for a while and then told the devil this room would be all right.
The devil gestured for him to sit down and the man took a seat. He did, sipped his coffee and felt really pleased with his choice. After a few minutes, a voice came over the loudspeaker and said, “Break time is over! Back on your heads!” (yihihihi)

day review:
didnt go to work, was taken to hospital, gastric ulcer, nothing serious, back home, simply wanna die.
im an annoying, stupid, irritating bitch in real & cyber world, better die.

Believe it or not shit happens! im sick as hell, well that’s nothing new.
this is the pic of my nightmare, see there’s nothing positive about her, she deceived moi

i have a good memory, please remind me of my “to-do” list.
i forget my mistakes, there’s no use in two people remembering the same thing
the wife has the last word in any argument, so anything i say after that is the start of new argument.
dont change the tv channel, im asleep
im not hungry, can you tell me what do we have for dinner?
you look the same shit no matter what you wear, so dont waste so much time before going out
what’s wrong with an orange shirt & black trousers, whatever i wear match so well
the more i earn, the more you spend; so what’s the use of working hard?
baby cries cos it’s her job, wife complains cos it’s her job, i runaway cos it’s not my job to listen & get headaches
living most of my life in hell, got married to make life look better, now i realized i used to live in heaven & now im living in hell
you better tell yer mom im not home ,even though im the one who answered the phone
i pay the loans, you pay for home expenses, deal? hey why do you ask for money after 15th every month?
why should i have suger-free meals when you’re on diet?
honey, money’s not everything, use visa & master card.
babies are cute, beautiful & lovely, i prefer to see them in movies & museums.
and the last fact:
A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn’t.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, and she does.
but the funny thing is i changed & she didnt, this marriage was blessed cursed from the begining
PS im dying of stomachache again, i gotta eat something but cant cos i puke whatever i eat, im sick . i dont wanna go to work 😦

recently im in the mood of censoring my thoughts, the main reason's i asked meg to read my blog (this was really stupid!) & she checking my blog almost everyday, i gotta filter & censor what i wanna write in order not to start a new fight., meg in the neck, get outta my sight!

i dunno what's editing, i never edit or read what i typed in my posts, that's why yo can see lotta mistakes, as far as i dont like editing, i simply dont write, so im mentally censored, it's not the same as feeling blue or being mentally raped, it's jus the mood of thinking a bit!

apart from that i rejoined my family last saturday, stay out another night with the daughter of our friend in our tent cos she thought our tent was a lot better than theirs, hell we didnt have much free space & i barely sleep cos of her endless moves & kicks!

the next day we went collecting eggs, it was so much fun, im enjoying my new life.

then when got home we bought a cake for alex, celebrating her 10th month of her life. thanks to my beloved girl, she dived into her cake & ruined everything, makin us feel ashamed infronna our guests. but it was funny, i think she's jus a little naughty but her mom was really mad at her, shouting at her, this little demon hide her face using my new jacket. she jus needed a kick ass but she's jus too small!she's gonna kill us to grow.

i wanted to put the pic of the eggs we found here but i dunno what a hell's wrong with my blog it simply dont upload pics, never mind!

the match report : america v czech 0-3 (US sucks)

& the last part is about my vlog, hhhhmmm it was a crazy idea, im a quiet shy guy that you can barely here my voice, vlog means i have to talk for total stranges, geee that's terrible. i better do something else!

today's one of those days of mental shut down, i dunno why i cant think of anything, click click, press buttons then i put my finger on delete or backspace & the page's blank again.

lemme restart, jesus, a new error, something missing.

"error number 16561356:some part of your brain's rotton, open the window and jump out of it!"

let's do some foolish thing, how about hitting my head against the wall, hhhmmm nope, guess that ruins the building.

let's steal something from somewhere; this is from my mailbox, actually i sent it to a friend for fun, but some parts are in 'none of yer bussiness' category & im in the mood of self-censorship so again, my finger's on delete.


question number one: what was the name of 13th US president?hhhmmm i was fired from school so i dunno, but im sure it wasnt moi!

question number two: how many legs does a cockroach have?what's cockroach? i dont like 'em i always scream whenever i see one

question number three: what did i have for lunch yesterday?did i have anything for lunch, i doubt! if i had it was another fishy thing!

question number four: what do you say to an elephant in dressing gown? oh this one's easy, good night

question number five: what do i have on my left ring finger?is this an IQ test? lemme cheat a bit, hhhmmm nothing, of course.

question number six: censored!!?

question number seven: what do i like about alex?nothing, she's a devil, ever doubt it? (what do you call the baby of a hellboy & a witch?)

question number eight: am i nuts?surely not! not yet proved?

question number nine: why do you talk too much?i dunno, jus zip yer mouth

question number ten: censored!

question number eleven: if you could ask a fairy-godmother for a wish, what would you ask?that's yer wish, not mine! but if it was mine, i would ask for a ticket to hell, i wanna go home.

question number twelve: why am i nosey? am i really nosey? what a silly question, no im not,i jus have several noses. so why are yo so nosey

question number thirteen: why do you wanna go on reading this crap?personally i have no idea, but thanks anyway. i better go to bed & sleep. or hit my head against the wall

note:1. i know this was a real crap, but i shutdown my brain so yo cant complain!

2. i want a vlog too!

3. what happened to argentina, i didnt watch the match.

yippeee, at last the world kup's started & hell the first match was so kool;

match report:

Germany 4 – 2 Costa Rica Match 1 Munich (64,950)

Poland 0 – 2 Ecuador Match 2 Gelsenkirchen (52,000)

England 1-0 Paraguay Match 3 Frankfurt (thanks defender of the opposing team, this match was horrible!)

Trinidad & Tobago v Sweden Match 4 Dortmund (not yet played)

my klokc shows 7 am saturday, so jus 3 matches.

yesterday we went to kangegnak near Bering strait, with a friend & his family, he's 3 naughty demons that really drove me krazy (that's why my K & C are mixed confusingly) 2 girls & a boy & hell im sure i dont want any other demon added to my family, this one (that looked so like angels) is more than enough.

meg & alex stayed with 'em but i returned cos i had lotta things to do, but honestly i didnt do anything ; jus watched England v Paraguay; this house is so dull & disgusting, so quiet, i jus feel so blue that cant concentrate, i checked bedroom 2 times looking for another creature, im gonna do whatever shit i have to do & join 'em again, im not gonna stay here on my own for the rest of the weekend. (question: who was that guy who paid anything for a quiet day? answer: it wasnt moi 😉

& about the summer thing, i feel kinda tagged by this post

although according to sandra's counting it's 12 days to summer, we only have 2 seasons, winter & summer ; so it's summer here.

first im really sorry for the girl to see her first summer in such a cursed land, but at least she was lucky she went to DC & saw her first spring. my poor little girl go nuts when she sees a flower!

so let's start the rants!

it's summer in alaska when:

  • you open yer eyes after a long sleep (called hibernation) & find out yer all white scenery changed to black & white
  • you have to collect wood for your winter
  • when the temperature goes above 75 people go nuts & think they live in hell
  • people dont know what's the use of "cooling option" on the air conditioners so they simply turn it off till winter
  • yer diet would be something like fish-tea for breakfast, fish-burger for lunch & fish-juice + fish pizza for dinner, you can have fish ice cream if you like
  • you eat goose when yo're experienced enough to shoot one instead of killing yer family
  • you dont have any idea what kinda color is called green
  • in worst parts; yo never sleep for 3-4 months cos there's no night (but yo're gonna sleep 3-4 months in winter, without working)
  • people dont like skinny guys cos they think they'd die in winter, so they eat lotta oil….(apparently i wont survive in winter!)
  • you start your car without any difficulty
  • snowplows can rest for a while
  • yo can hear kids still running & shouting after 10.30 pm!
  • yo hardly can convince yer baby girl to close her eyes before mr sun!
  • yo discover there are roads with black color, but you can hardly imagine there's anything called asphalt on it
  • you can play with mud as much as you like without anyone looking at you
  • wives wait with a kitchen knife by doors to make sure you take your shoes off 2 yards away from the entrance
  • the icy roads turn out to be rivers, hey that's a miracle, shocked, right?!
  • yo're never short of ice for your drinks, but the problem's buying & selling alcohol's illegal here so yo gota restore it in winter
  • you dunno what sunbath is
  • the most crazy idea is to swim in the river
  • you can find any kinda living creature from 2-100+ year ol by the rivers
  • you're rich when you have lotta trees in yer house (plastic, wooden, woolen,…. doesnt matter!)
  • when yer apple tree blossoms yo feel so happy that either you have a heart attack or yo faint
  • you see people with bikes or using route 11 (using their own feet!) more than cars, wondering why yo paid so much money for owning one
  • yo say good night to yer snowmachine & kiss it goodbye
  • yo go to next village like ancient guys, that means yo gotta row yor fucking boat
  • lotta people leave the city but some stupid guys come for the vacations (still hotels are full so dont come to here!)
  • you have meal four times a day
  • yo have breakfast at 5 & lunch at 10 then dinner's round 5 pm!
  • the most important news is about the biggest fish caught several days ago
  • the most romantic thing yo can do is to take yer lover by the river & accidentally push her to the river then run away
  • when the longest day of yer life ends (that's sometime round 20th june) you wish yo were never born
  • you see many babies, make you wonder where they were hiding in winter
  • the more food & wood you collect the happier yo live in winter, kinda like ants i guess
  • no matter how many hours yo waste in internet yo think yo live in 10th century & vikings gonna attack yo outta no where to steal yer food
  • you have to fish as many fish you can (something like 100 trouts) then you spend scaling & removing the guts for the rest of yer life
  • there are so many animals (fish ) that yo dunno their names , so yo can use yer brain & name 'em

like leopard fish, orange fucking fish, that ugly yellow eyed fish….

  • you can batter & trample on heads of fish to release yer evilish powers &satisfy your feelings of murder, violence & vandalism ?!, and people think you're a very good boy cos yo didnt let the fish suffer much

tourism note:

1. alaska is a black & white (sometimes blue & red) land & it's not a perfect place to waste yer vacation time in.

2. i dont fucking care if you love to come to alaska, we're away to southern hemisphere looking for snow

3. ok, we're at home but we dont wanna let you in

4.hey, if yo want to help us with gathering woods & dressing the fish, you're welcome

5. dont forget to bring yer gun & whoever you wanna kill accidentally

6. if you faint by seeing blood, yo better get back to yer plane

7. if you're afraid of water, do the same shit as # 6

8. you can stay in our place for free, if you bring tones of drinks

huh, im done! thanks sandra i cooled off, better make some coffee

btw we're open 24 hours from 12th june till 30th august, & the prices are really cheap, 500$ per day & 100$ per night+ yo gotta make yer own meal.

apart from all the crap, any crazy guy who wanna visit alaska is welcome to stay, for 2-3 days, but dont come in july cos my whole crazy family decided to raid for july 4th!

after August, i pack & head south!

warning: any creatures called in-laws are shot from miles again, my shooting ability improved alot, besides i have some muslim friends so i can ask 'em to drown(!?!) yer plane!

ok enough shit, gotta do my creepy work, jump to my 4 wheel horse, then borrow a friend's boat & row for 1.5 hours & then jump on the head of whoever creature by the land & steal their lunch!

5 yr. old Avalon Lackey and her brother Timmy Robb of Bethel came down to the river last week to help catch smelt at the seawall. Many residents were dipnetting the delicious fish, enjoying the spring harvest
ps: why do you think there’s nothing important happen here!

when the moon is full, lotta demonic foul structures appear & then vanish by the next day.

weregirl is one of 'em; in full moon i have to hide from all other beasts, run away to nowhere land, so nobody can see me; i turn to the most disgusting thing on earth, weregirl!


note for 8 am friday 9th: yippee soccer world cup, anyone wanna join me watching the matches?! what? i have to work? omg, gotta think of an excuse for friday morning!

warning: you're not expecting me to support US of A, are yo? if yo do, yo better wash yer brain, i never support losers!