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alex.jpgvery small Alexis

a little bigger & older

daddy’s sweat-heart

where we live……..



  1. me too

  2. so georgeous .. your Alexis
    how old now?
    mine alexandria .. lexia in short. lex the shortest

  3. thanks
    a few months to celebrate her 2nd b’day
    so your girl has quite the same name
    what a coincidence!

  4. Beautiful. Just gorgeous!

  5. Don’t think I’m stalking you. I’m just suspicious by nature when people try to help me.

    1.My daughter’s name is Meg
    2.I’m seriously bipolar
    3.I’m lefthanded
    4.Alexis is beautiful.

  6. Hey TPB, your picture surely frightened me 😀
    if you haven’t confessed, i would have thought you were stalking, where’s my gun!!!!!!
    naturally i hate crowds but if you approach me on your own, i trust you easily 🙂
    1. oh my f****** God
    2. nice to meet
    3. my partner says i’m collecting left-handed friends
    4. yes surely she is, thanks to heaven she doesnt look like me LOL!
    5. I surely wanna add you to my collection if you dont mind 🙂

  7. GD…About my pic….I AM A STALKER! LOL

    Actually,it was just the most evil pic of a little girl that I could find.

  8. you’re so bad and evil

  9. Hey!!!! Haven’t been here for a while.

    Do you realize that you called her your “sweat heart”. That just struck me as funny cuz I’ll bet she makes you sweat your ass off chasing after her.

    Hope everything is going well and you are OK. Stop by soon.

  10. omg she’s absolutely adorable! you’ve got a beautiful child 🙂 😀 you should be really proud 😀

  11. i’m proud and very happy!
    i’m blessed!

  12. beautiful Alexis..
    I want to have one oneday..:-)

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