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sometimes checking the statics part,the words that led to my blog confuse me.

i dont deny sometimes i write about personal parts of my life, but for heavens sake i cant remember a time i wrote about genitals.

im so happy i disappointed those retards looking for … inch cocks, hey i dont call a ’25” cock’ a penis,believe it or not it’s a trunk, it’s horrible, you gotta be more than 7 feets long to have such a thing.

btw jus a suggestion for you pervert guys that have no idea how to waste their times or cant find a proper partner, you really need a doctor to help you or you’d better fcuk yourself.

time to go, wanna measure my own dick, i feel it’s grown an inch longer (ever heard of pinochio & his eeerr seems it was his nose)

thing to ponder:” can a wooden boy like pinochio have a cock (cocks?) ?!!! if so, how long was it.

ooopppssss i was a bad boy again, i should be punished.

next post: hhhmmm gotta think about my bad behavior & apologize to my ….. for having such a rude obscene language in public, i promise to behave better, please dont punish me……

teary eyes, bleeding nose, long ears….shiitttt something’s wrong in my gut again *~*



  1. you ever wonder if your readers understand your entries? random ramblings of a mad man 🙂

  2. I hate that you’ve got the tummy ache again. 😦

  3. me hate too, more than you can imagine.

  4. fuck u

  5. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article. Many thanks for providing
    this information.

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