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hellboy probably the combination of two familiar words “hell”+”boy”.
imagine that you have no where to go, nobody who cares about you, nothing valuable, the God hate you so do the people;so there’s nothing better than flirting with suicide! 🙂
that’s my suggestion , im not pushing anyone to give it a try (sometimes it’s worth )
then we have Mr Satan the best negative charachter in many movies, books….. im so fond of him.
what can we do?!?!
lemme make a guess, do you like to have an appointment with this handsome guy with paws & long tail?!
hhhmmm i digress, when you live in hell on this fcuking earth would it be really difficult to trade yer soul with a gaurantee of eternal damnation. what ever we do nobody can promise us heaven, there’s always mr satan waiting for us to take the wrong path.
let’s do the selling right now.
selling soul’s not a matter of money; i dont fucking care about money unless i have a place to sleep & something to eat.
i think hell’s not about suffering, it’s jus a matter of how we look at things.
so jus sell yer soul to me & i give you a good hot place in hell with eternal gaurantee 🙂
hellboy, legal rep of Satan Inc.
i wanna thank you mom, i wanna thank you dad
for bringing this fucking world to a bitter end
i never really hated a one true god
but the god of the people i hated



  1. Sorry for the late reply to your ‘sell your soul’ entry, I was stunned for words- why the pessimistic view on life?
    Interest analysis…yes the Devil will probably guarantee you eternal damnation that as you say God may not guarantee heaven. Though to Christians, whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life? And God does not hate people!

  2. me sorry too for late checking the comments, i was busy with my honeymoon planning, no time for thinking about hell.
    i try not to be pessimistic but sometimes it jus comes to my mind & i cant do much; im a sinner & i dunno what to do to find the way to paradise.
    thanks for analyzing my interest, though i was born christian like many other americans, i never felt easy with Christ, i always thought there’s something wrong with him, sacrficing himself for people who barely care about him is quite crazy & it’s really foolish to forgive everyone. so i spent a while denying existence of God & trying to follow some Satanic rules, but fucking crazy & difficult.
    at the moment: thanks Lord he pulled me back to his track, i try my best to be a good boy but yo know, sometimes it’s a bit difficult.there are times he gets mad at me & so do i! 🙂 btw i can hate God so i think he can hate me sometimes & punish me for being a bad boy. but thanks for your concern, gotta think of the full part of the glass! 🙂

  3. i am in

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