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personally I don’t care much about politics cos i can’t do anything to stop or start something planned!

but when i read this ” Millions of dollars for rural schools and roads in Alaska are now at stake in a confrontation between the White House and congressional Democrats over withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq.” in the papers, i really despised those fat guys resting their ass on comfy chairs and looking for a way to make their pocket full the money collected from taxes and in the end not only any school or road is made or fixed; they let the troops get mental diseases or die for no reason.

i dunno how this stupidity can be stopped but i think nobody ever stopped such things during the history. So i put my backpack in the car, kick J’s ass to shake a leg, jump into ym chevy and press the gas to get to the airport before the plane takes off.

see you later in Anchorage. i bet I’m gonna die spending 20 days working hard without my family. i already miss Alexis and Meg!


have you ever thought about places that never has snow. it’s horrible from my pointa view. almost my whole life i lived in places that had 4 seasons, even here in Ak.  though im near north pole i can still feel the 4 seasons (but summers are really short & winters are hell long).

the other day while chatting with a friend living some where so hot (tropical i mean -0 degree) he asked me about snowman cos i was talking about the cold weather (14F now) & snow.

i dont remember the exact words but he asked me something i never thought of.

first i had to explain what snowman is, for those who dunno better check here, then he asked why we build it.


honestly i didnt know the answer & i didnt think he was serious, but when he compared it with scarecrow, i got the point.


all these years with the first snow(not always with the 1st hihihi) i made my own snowman & i always made it for fun (not yet made any this year, waitin for a big snow to make alexis’ first snowman)

yes snowmen are not made to frighten any bird but i thought of some uses for them.

snowman can be

  1. used as pet dog, it can watch your house while away cos it’s always there & nobody can move it by any means
  2. used as a fridge, make a hole in the stomach & put your favorite food there
  3.  used as gf-bf for desperate people who cant find dates
  4. your futre psychiatrist, you can talk for hours without being charged a red dime
  5. the reason to take a few days off work, if you hug him/her, you’ll catch cold.
  6. and you can kill him to get rid of your anger

you can also teach your snowman to do the followings:

  1. wake you up in the mornings by throwin snowballs at your window
  2. making you breakfast while you’re enjoyin yer additional sleeping time
  3. watch yer baby girl while you’re playin with yer puter (pretendin to be busy to avoid someone’s nags-should i mention who?!)
  4. talk the inuit language (cos you cant do it yourself)
  5. wash the dishes, do the laundry
  6. ironin your clothes
  7. kickin the ass of all the jerkasses around
  8. pee near neighbor’s door(the same thing done by his dog)
  9. frighten kids so they wont knock on yer door & ask you to help them with their homework
  10. go to work instead of you

but be careful when facing she-snowman, he might fall in love & then find some privacy & do the forbidden touch & make lotta baby snowmen. so ask him to use cellphone every hour to make sure he’s gonna be infertile.

more uses will be available after the next snow, now i gotta make myself some coffee cos i dont have a pet snowman yet

10-15 peaches (when stoned it weighs around 1.1 kg  )
1 kg sugar
1 pot
1 stove (you can make fire if you are robinson crusoe)
1 naughty kid
1 pair of parents
several worms in a yard

first you have to buy peaches, then wash ’em , put ’em in the fridge, then eat some of them to test the taste
then turn on the tv, (you can do it without watching tv) stone the peaches. to stone a peach you have to use a knife, cut a vertical circle round the peach then halve it, use your fingers to take out the pit. after that chop each peach to 5-6 parts. (you can remove the skin if you like). when finished with all those peaches, put ’em in a mixer and crush it. then put the mix in a pot, add sugar, turn on the stove and get outta kitchen. now it’s time for playing. first you gotta make sure mom’s not around, then take your baby girl/boy to the yard, dig a hole and pour some water and wait, in a few minutes you can see some earthworm saying hello. then pick up 2-3 worms and put ’em on a big leaf, time for stories. at this time probably mom would come and you can ask her to join. as soon as the game’s finished, mom’s gonna run to the kitchen and then you can hear her yelling. well now your burned jam’s ready, put it in several jars and then into the fridge. if you dont have a fridge, dont worry. put the jars in the hole you dug, winter’s coming.

just close your eyes

listen to the silence inside

no chance to escape

from the one-eyed ogre inside your mind

in the inner part of your soul

im sure there’s a very giant hole

that’s how that ogre found his way in

i told you before but you couldnt see

now there’s no hope

there’s no way back

all doors are shut

but you can still run

fight for your life

with that ogre chasing you

then one day you might realize

you were running in loops

where there’s no begining but an end

i know there’s a cliff in the end

but never had the chance to stand there

now i jus wanna ask you a simple question

“after running all your life,

trying to get rid of that ogre,

what do you feel when falling down

and the truth that the ugly frightening ogre

was jus an image of yourself in a broken mirror?”

quote of the day:There are more chickens than people in the world.So im goin out for BBq!
recently im in such a status of mind that i call it,shitty-creepy-blankness.
well may be it seems nothing new to you, i’ve been lacking for a while, i know. but now it’s really worst. wish i could go to a doc(of any kind) but im sure they’ve never heard of my sickness; well not their fault, no human beings catch this,(it’s jus for evilish creatures!).
i feel kinda dead, kinda lost. i hate sitting somewhere wasting my time doing nothing, i love every thing hectic, make yo go nuts, no time to scratch yer head. that’s why i always do my work the last minute but hand still on time. i love the feeling of being chased by a time demon, running & running & running.
in fact there are times i enjoy sitting on my chair listening to music & drown in my thoughts. but whenever i get this “shitty-creepy-blankness”, im dead. i sit, listen to music but have nowhere to drown in. jus as blank as hell, nothing new to do, to say, to make & i hate myself for that.
may be there are many times i have nothing new to write, but i can ensure yo i have said or made a new shit that day.
now im blank, blank as hell, it’s jus a feeling of emptiness , restlessly doing nothing that could satisfy my thirsty soul.
jebus i cant write anything worth reading. lemme think…..
aha let’s write about my recent discoveries:
your life is fascinating when:
1. you’re bathing yer baby demon & suddenly yo hear a bang from the lightbulb & then the place is as dark as hell, dont forget that the baby started crying & yo dont have any extra lamp & nobodyelse’s at home
2. yer in-law calls & says she wont come cos she’s really sick, yo cheer first but as soon as yo see the little demon yo start crying
3. yo go to supermarket, spend a long time to remember & find what yo need (cos there’s no shopping list) the demoness shout as loud as she wants, at last when the cashier asks for the money yo realize yo left yer wallet at home
4.yer puter keeps on restarting so yo decide to install a new windows, after 2 hours yer puter’s cool again with whatever program yo wanted, yo restart it again & hell in 5 minutes time it goes back the restarting procedure, the next day yo install another windows, the same shit happens, yo use whatever anti-virus yo have,nothing happens, yo examine yer hardware, nothing there.
on day three yo accidentally bump into something new, hell yo there, freeze! yo format whatever yo have (well almost whatever) -this is really depressing cos it’s a life time, i have 120Gb hard disk, guess yo can think how depressing it is to format all those life time collection by yer own. im doing fine with my new windows, fuck microsoft anyway!
5. yo reallize yo miss yer spouse somehow, actually yo have no one to quarrel with discover one of the greatest gifts god gave yo is being a male-creature; the job of being mom is disgusting & the money’s not worth it (guess nobody gonna pay yo for being a mom!)
7. you cant load the post page of wordpress by I.E. & when yo do it with Opera it says it’s not supported by yer server, WTF!
jebzuz, im feeling a lot better, let’s get ready for match of US v Ghana!
PS im gonna be dead till next wednsday, the only woman on this planet who can make me cry is demoness( well her mom’s not counted); so im selling a baby. any one want a baby girl for a week, she’s so cute, so lovely so genious, so PAIN IN THE ASS!
PPS one day i was a bad boy in hell so mr. satan decided to punish moi, as a result he sent me to earth to live like humans for a while, apart missing home so much & hating the cold weather, he didnt warned me i shouldnt do the heavenly act of marriage!
im done, gotta make breakfast for alex 😉

just imagine one day you wake up and discover:
1. you have two shiny little horn on yer head
2. you woke up earlier than sun
3. your breakfast is ready and you dont have to bother yourself with cooking & burning yerself
4. you got a letter from an unknown friend saying all your debts were paid
5.goverment has discovered you’re mexican so you dont have to pay tax anymore
6. everything is free cos you’re so special(well im special anyway)
7. you find yer 10 months ol baby talking, walking & doing everything she likes without asking for your help
8. you live in alaska but there are lotta trees & lotta zebras
9. there’s a spaceship waiting outside your door to take you wherever you like
10. you dont have to go to work, they pay you anyway
11.your in-law appears outta nowhere and say:”at your service, sir”
12. you can talk any language you want but you have to go to English classes 😦
13. your brother gives you a hen laying golden eggs (where’s Jack?)
14. you’re the hottest guy on the planet (well this was obvious from all the smoke around yo)
15. your wife’s mouth is shut, zipped & sealed whenever you ask
16. you can dive in yer pool of wine (hell do i know how to swim?)
17. your socks are all washed & put in your drawer so you dont have to look for a pair in the fridge
18. there’s a big welcome sign outta yer house (well better say yer palace) saying” welcome to Heaven Hell”
19. hhhmmm im blank again, guess it’s enough for the begining of the era of “not being shit for a while”
notes:1. congrats to all English guys & England fans; match report: England 2-Trinidad 0, God save the queen!
2. i went to work again & now im feeling alot better
conclusion: shit rocks,hellboy sucks! thanks for tolerating moi!

dear nightmare, thanks for staying awake all night, talking & giving me headaches.
thanks for leaving me alone with yer demon.
thanks for the so many times yo nagged & ordered non-stop
& thanks for loving me, you know i love you too

though ordinary people think hellboys aint vulnerable by the beast number, the date 6.6.6. was a real hell for 'em or for me.

on this day people thought i look so freaking handsome, sweet,….. (uggghhh im not exaggerating this time, they had this wrong thought) cos

1. i had two weeks of restless nights

2. i only had 2.5 hours sleep(on 6.6.6) & worked on piles of undone work from 12.30 am till 8am

3. poured milk in a glass half full of water (omg im talking about the half full part, guess im insane!) & wondered why the milk tasted like hell

4. had no time for breakfast, morning shower & shaving 😦

5. arrived jus on time for the meeting (omfg, why i arrived on time? didnt i schedule my time in a way so i'd be late at least half an hour!)

6. wife kissed me goodbye (another strange thing) thinking i look sweet!?! uugghhh-dont we have puking face in wordpress?!-

7. boss was fucking satisfied with my work, so disgusting, i satisfied some one's needs, hell gotta hang myself

8. some cow-orkers said i looked handsome with that terrorist face, did i?! i thought im fucking frightening & hate i dont need flirts!

9. had chips & orange juice for lunch (yeah this one was perfect)

10. met barber & nentist on the same day

11. filled another tooth, im thinking of dentures in 10 years time

12. at last got my wooly hair cut, i did look like merinos, well sorry mr merino, i didnt mean insulting yo!

13. im dying for sleep, i look great with red eyes, someone gimme a virtual pillow; i have lotta work to do

thing to ponder:

1.the similiarities & differences between dentists(pronounced nentists) & barbers

2.the similiarities & differences between me & eminem

fact file

looking at myself in the mirror, i discovered im a girl!

fYI: hellboys cant see themselves in mirror cos 1. it breaks into pieces 2. they have no shadow & reflection 3. there are lotta hellboys on earth but people dont know their real names, so they call'em "nemesis"

stolen from my mailbox!

& hell, this post is fucking long 😉

660 — Approximate number of The Beast

-666: Negative number of the Beast

DCLXVI — Roman numeral of The Beast

666, 1332, 1998, 2664 — Years of the Beast

666.0000000000 — Number of the High
Precision Beast

0.666 — Number of the Millibeast

/ 666 — Beast Common Denominator

0.005015 — Reciprocal of the Beast.

666i — Imaginary number of The Beast

1010011010 — Binary number of The Beast

-0.80902 — The Sine of the Beast

443556 — Square of the Beast

25.807 — Square root of the Beast

295408296 — Cube of the Beast

0.58779 — Cosine of the Beast

-1.37638 — Tangent of the Beast

2.8235 — Log of the Beast

6.5913 — Ln Beast

1.738E289 — Anti-log of the Beast

6.66E2 –Scientific number of the Beast

29A — Hexadecimal number of the Beast=20

666! — Factorial of the Beast

2, 3, 3, 37: — Factors of the Beast

13320 — The League of the Beast

95904 — A gross Beast

665.5-666.5 — Range of the Beast

(665, 667) — Open Interval of the Beast
Formula 666: All purpose cleaner of the

666-66-6666: Social Security number of the

6666 6666 6666 6666 EXP 6/66: Credit card
of the Beast

666 lb CAP: Weight limit of the Beast

666(-1)1/2: Imaginary number of the

6-6-6: Fertilizer of the Beast

6.6.6b6: Version of the Beast

451 =BAF.: Temperature of the Beast

6-666-66666-6: ISBN # of the Beast

0-449-13070-3: ISBN # of =93The Number
of the Beast=94 by Robert A. Heinlein

2666: The ELO rating of the Beast

667: The Beast's number will be up
when Christ returns.

66-66-66: Bust, waist and hips of the Beast.

66.6: Atomic weight of the Beast

666 Kelvin: Air conditioning of the Beast.

66 for 6: Cricket score of the Beast.

6, 6, 6: Beast's sense of humor.

666> . . < 666: Beast coming out me
ears after that little lot

666666: Power of the Beast

66 to 6: Typical Beast Football score.

666.6.b6.66: Beta version of the Beast

666: Minutes of uninterrupted music —
Radio Show of the Beast

$666: Doctor's Bill of the Beast

$1332: Lawyer's Bill of the Beast

Algebra 666: College Class of the Beast

Fahrenheit 666: Classic Literature of the

666th Airborne: The Armed Forces unit
of the Beast.

(666) 666-6667: Wrong Number of the

666B: Neighbor of the Beast

rape noun

1[U,C] the crime of forcing sb to have sex with you, especially using violence:

2[sing.] ~ (of sth) (literary) the act of destroying or spoiling an area in a way that seems unnecessary

3(also oilseed rape) [U] a plant with bright yellow flowers, grown as food for farm animals and for its seeds that are used to make oil

rape verb

[VN] to force sb to have sex with you when they do not want to by threatening them or using violence

mentally adverb

connected with or happening in the mind

Victims' psychological reactions to rape vary but usually include feelings of shame, humiliation, confusion, fear, and rage. Victims have reported a feeling of perpetual defilement, an inability to feel clean, an overwhelming sense of vulnerability, and a paralyzing feeling of lack of control over their lives. Many are haunted by fear of the neighbourhood in which the crime occurred, or of being followed, or of all sexual relationships. Others experience long-term disruption of sleep or eating patterns or an inability to function at work. The duration of the psychological trauma varies from individual to individual; many feel the effects for years, even with considerable supportive therapy.

among all of the self-made words i have "being mentally raped" is my favorite; but not regularly used.

it's hard to define what it really means, i even asked some close people , though heard it many times, jus didnt know the meaning. honestly i dunno the meaning either; it's a feeling, kinda hatred from the deepest darkest part of my soul. the feeling is quite like the general feelings of being raped, add anger, jealousy, rage,wrath,hatred,revenge….. then you get close to what you would feel when mentally raped; there's no physical pain in it. but you're hurt badly.

apart from the word definition, im dying of stomach ache. it jus happens every now & then but sometimes it tries to kill me; have anyone died of stomach ache? if not ,i'd be the first. 😦

meg insists on taking me to doc, but i prefer to stay in bed & go on the process of twisting & turning, masochism yo know. fuck doctors, they know nothing about my body; once i let 'em do whatever hell they like to my body ,in the end they told me there was nothing wrong with me, hey idiots, if im jus doing fine, do i have mental illness to keep on twisting & turning & shouting…. (well im mental but not with that definition-it's another post).

so im not going to anywhere, i like to stay in bed, take as many as painkiller i like , press buttons on my keyboard in random order & make another creepy post. jeeeeeeeeeeeesuuuuusssssss.*~*

some say these kinda pain is relevant to the feeling "i dont feel like eating anything at the moment" that occurs every now & then, but with the desperate craving for chocolates & sweet things i have most of the time, im sure it's PMS,any doubt?! 😉

PS SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Creating things of beauty is not only a hobby of yours, it's a purpose — and a lucrative one, at that. You'll be exhilarated by the closing of a deal. A Taurus is a hot lead. things of beauty?! hell what's beautiful here that can make me exhilarated! 😦