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mine was very true 😀

1. ARIES – The Liar

(the Ram – 21 March – 19 April)

* Outgoing.

* Lovable.

* Spontaneous.

* Not one to mess with.

* Funny.

* EXCELLENT kisser.

* EXTREMELY adorable.

* Loves relationships.

* Addictive.

* Loud.

2. TAURUS – The funny one

(the Bull – 20 April – 20 May)

* Aggressive.

* Loves being in long relationships.

* Likes to give a good fight for what they want.

* Extremely outgoing.

* Loves to help people in times of need.

* GOOD kisser.

* GOOD personality.

* Stubborn but a caring person.

* One of a kind.

* Not one to mess with.

* Usually are the most attractive people.

3. GEMINI – Irresistible

(the Twins – 21 May – 21 June)

* Nice.

* Love is one of a kind.

* Great listener.

* Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out.

* Trustworthy.

* Always happy.

* Loud.

* Talkative.

* Extremely random and proud of it.

* Outgoing.

* VERY Forgiving.

* Loves to make friends.

* Has a beautiful smile.

* Generous.

* Strong.

* The Irresistible one.

4. CANCER – The Cutie

(the Crab – 22 June – 22 July)

* Most AMAZING kisser…Very high appeal.

* Love is one of a kind.

* Very romantic.

* Most caring person you will ever meet!

* Very creative.

* Outgoing.

* Freak.

* Loves being in long relationships.

* Spontaneous.

* Great at telling stories.

* Not a fighter, but will knock your lights out if it comes down to it.

* Someone you should hold on to.

5. LEO – The Lion

(the Lion – 23 July – 22 August)

* Great talker.

* Attractive and passionate.

* Laid back.

* Knows how to have fun.

* Is really good at almost anything.

* GREAT kisser.

* Unpredictable.

* Outgoing.

*Down to earth.

* Addictive.

* Attractive.

* Loud.

* Loves being in long relationships.

* Talkative.

* Not one to mess with.

* Rare to find.

* Good when found.

6. VIRGO – The One that Waits

(the Virgin – 23 August – 22 September)

* Dominant in relationships.

* Someone loves them right now.

* Always wants the last word.

* Caring.

* Smart.

* Loud.

* Loyal.

* Easy to talk to.

* Everything you ever wanted.

* Easy to please.

* The one and only.

7. LIBRA – The Sexy one

(the Balance aka the scales – 23 September – 23 October)

* Nice to everyone they meet.

* THE BEST in bed

* Their Love is one of a kind.

* Fragile

* Silly, fun,funny and sweet.

* Loves being in long relationships.

* Have own unique appeal.

* Most caring person you will ever meet!

* However not the kind of person you want to mess with… You might end up crying.

8. SCORPIO – The Addicted Oversexed Power Freak

(the Scorpion – 24 October – 21 November)

* EXTREMELY adorable.

*Psychotic When fucked around with

*Great in bed

* Intelligent.

* Loves to joke.

* Very good sense of humor.

* Energetic.

* GOOD kisser.

* Always get what they want.

* Attractive.

* Easy going.

* Loves being in long relationships.

* Talkative.

* Romantic.

* Caring.

9. SAGITTARIUS – The Promiscuous One

(the Archer – 22 November – 21 December)

* Spontaneous.

* High appeal.

* Rare to find.

* Great when found.

* Loves being in long relationships.

* So much love to give.

* Not one to mess with.

* Very attractive.

* Very romantic.

* Nice to everyone they meet.

* Their Love is one of a kind.

* Silly, fun and sweet.

* Have their own unique appeal.

* Most caring person you will ever meet!

* Not the kind of person you wanna mess with because you might end up crying.

10. CAPRICORN – The Passionate Lover

(the Goat – 22 December – 19 January)

* Love to bust.

* Nice.

* Sassy.

* Intelligent.

* Sexy.

* Irresistible.

* Loves being in long relationships.

* Great talker.

* Always gets what he or she wants.

* Cool.

* Extremely fun.

* Loves to joke.

* Smart.

11. AQUARIUS – Does It In The Water

(the Water Bearer – 20 January – 18 February)

* Trustworthy.

* Attractive.

* GREAT kisser.

* One of a kind.

* Loves being in long-term relationships.

* Extremely energetic.

* Unpredictable.

* Will exceed your expectations.

* Not a Fighter, but will knock your lights out if it comes down to it.

12. PISCES – The Partner for Life

(the Fish – 19 February – 20 March)

* Caring and kind.

* Smart.

* Center of attention.

* High appeal.

* Has the last word.

* Good to find, hard to keep.

* Fun to be around.

* Extremely weird but in a good way.

* Good Sense of Humor!!!

* Thoughtful.

* Always gets what he or she wants.

* Loves to joke.

* Very popular.

* Silly, fun and sweet


once upon a time, long time ago, “to be, or not to be” was a question, but now things have changed a lot. the “being” is not that important. the being…. makes difference.

so the other day i was chatting with “the other guy”-don’t think wrong, he’s straighter than anything you can think of, so he’s just a friend- and the conversation went on like this:

 me: hug me

that guy: already

me: where?

me: how?

that guy: cant you feel it?

me: no. i think you’re hugging the wrong guy

that guy: what??

that guy: you re fat and pale, right?

me: fuck u! where have you gone?

me: gay-asian bar? 

that guy: oh, shoot! it’s a girl.

me: huh?

me: went to the les? omg

that guy: God im blessed!

(i showed him my picture)

me: this is me

that guy: really?

me: yeah. btw do i really look fat and pale?

that guy: no,   you look weird

me: why?

me: do i have horns and tail and boobs?!

that guy: gayish?

me: i tell me

that guy: you feel like choosing a right path, buddy??

me: what path?

that guy: your life

me: hhmm no so sure. but i think it’s fine

me: u dont agree?

that guy: sorry i dont

me: i guessed so

me: is your way right?

that guy: i guessed so

me: lucky then. im not jealous

me: i couldn’t change anything actually

that guy: i dont ask you to

that guy: really?

me: yes really

that guy: you re a loser i know

me: u know i tried

me: i know it

me: no need to be reminded

that guy: never again

me: my pleasure

me: you wanna confirm what?

me: my whole existence is a sin?

that guy: that’s confirmed

that guy: no need to be reminded

that guy: just wonder..

me: wonder what?

that guy: it is stupid that you think you couldn’t change anything and blame god

me: i dont blame him. i never did

me: i just say my creation was the worst thing he could do

that guy: that’s blaming, pal

me: ok. i cant change it. I’m fucked

that guy: now let say, you cant change it and you just follow it

me: ok as you say

that guy: now you wanna affect people around yo?

me: i was born a loser. no i just want to love and be loved

that guy: don’t you think ya have power

me: for what?

that guy: look at your words, man. you have power

that guy: you may have affected many people

me: to be a jerk?

that guy: you happy?

me: i think so

me: you wanna conclude I’m happy with some powers, right?

that guy: maybe, and happy you get some attention with that

me: what a poor creature i am then

me: i’d rather go to bed

me: g’night

And the chat was over but i didn’t go to bed. later we chatted a little more and he claimed i’ll be a threat to my little girl for being gay.

how can i be such? i mean no harm to her. well may be drunk dads say the same but still beat their families but i’m not into alcoholic drinks nor drugs. and i don’t think loving my boyfriend would make me so insane that i try to harm my little girl. that’s way too stupid.

but well there’s this possibility of being hated by her for my sexual orientation. that’s as much as possible when parents kick their kids outta home for the same reason.

i don’t wanna conclude anything and i don’t wanna deny being bisexually gay. and i think even denying it, won’t help me much when me and my wife are screwing one an other and i can’t stop my mind thinking  of him instead of her.

but there’s this fact. i’m a loser in this world and the world of the dead. i can say i tried to change a few things but i’m not giving my boyfriend to a pile of written stuff claiming i will go to hell for being myself and for loving the man of my dreams.

why no guy goes to hell for loving a woman? (3-4 women in other religions!) that’s not a sin but it can make me a real psycho running after my daughter for that reason.

no i’m no fan of that junkie singer, i wanna write about my own boy friend.

but on a second thought i feel i don’t wanna blog about him cos if i complain or backbite then he’s gonna feel offended and if i praise him, then it’s gonna be crap.

so i thought of writing about myself and what can i say? i’m a lucky guy or as Pinocchio said in Shrek “i’m a real boy” except that my wooden nose won’t grow longer if i lie!

sometimes i feel so lonely, i want all the privacy i need to be with him, just with him and no one else, going to the woods, fishing, hunting, camping and the rest of the things guys do but people here are so different. i have this wonderful cover of being a married man who loves his family and it’s no lie cos i will do anything i can to make them feel comfortable as far as my sick mind lets me.

and well he has his own cover, he’s divorced with two kids, though both of them lives with their moms, there’s no reason to accuse him of being gay.

everything seems so ridiculous when i review all those closet-time of my life, struggling with my feelings,fears and tears till at last i gave up and since then i never met that Mr. Right. all of my partners/ boyfriends were real bitches and may be the reason was that they were just like me, a real asshole.

and now at 26, after 6-7 years of looking for that special guy, at last i found him in one of the most retarded parts of the States. i don’t mean that i disgust this place or hate its people, i just don’t feel comfortable. there’s always this fear of being caught by a friend or an acquaintance; it may look hot at first but when you run outta excuses then they will hate you, him and your families.

i’ve spend many nights thinking how it is like when someone tells you that one of your parents is gay. may be it looks fine to many people but i doubt it look that much fine to a little girl.

sometimes when i have little arguments with him, i think to myself “ooofff it’s all over, we’re gonna breakup and never meet again so i can go on my straight life.”

but the next time we meet and exchange a few “i’m sorry…..” words and a little of hugging and kissing; then i think how i can live without him or how i lived all these years on my own.

i think i have to go to a doc and ask him/her to give me some capsules to make me straight!

ok, enough said. it’s time to call him and wake him up. i just enjoy waking him up early mornings , specially at weekends just to give him reasons to “let my heart go!!”

oh my dearest you have no fucking idea how much i missed you all those endless long endless day-like nights, staring at empty pages, or even the blue thing on top of other people’s writing cans all saying to me, sorta even deceiving me to write!

officially i haven’t blogged since 12th of last month, technically i haven’t written any crap for a whole month and by now i’m dammed sure my psychiatrist is so proud of me.

i can’t say it was a good time but it was fine. and i really have no idea to whom i’m talking too. Alllooooo any muthafucka out there?

if you wanna become an expert, you need helluva practice. and i can’t even write a logical thing (let’s pretend i could write some time ago)

so as for the start or kinda end to something review the last 6-8 weeks!

1. broke up with my ex (fucking bastard, it was obvious he wasn’t my kind)

2. changed my psychiatrist and as a result went through all the shit with new meds and dosage!

3. the baby girl turned to be Ms. talkative with lots of crazy questions, just giving me headaches and making me wish i was deaf!

4. i gave up the idea of spending so many nights surfing the net and instead i started to read some books!

5. some fucking bastard stole my laptop and a few other things, just forcing me to choose between a brand new laptop in the next 3 years or a digi-cam for the coming 3-4 months.

6. last not least apparently and to some extent obviously i found my mr. right and Gawd he’s so sexy and lovable. i’m not gonna give any details cos you may kidnap him. all i can say is that he’s so much better than all the guys i’ve dated to date!

what else?

aha, as long as i’m back and i’ve made my mind to keep on blogging and writing crap for a while i thought this blog needed a new look and beside the new theme (that i have it on my other blog and love it so much!) i needed a header so  without further ado, i bring to you the extinct species living in north pole aka me (i know you were dying to see my face!)

i know i look really ugly and remind you of your great great great grand father but i can promise you to have a plastic surgery asap (i’m saving for it, may be you can help me a bit!)

ok, that was enough for today. i’m gonna change the header soon, i’m just looking for something better!