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oh my dearest you have no fucking idea how much i missed you all those endless long endless day-like nights, staring at empty pages, or even the blue thing on top of other people’s writing cans all saying to me, sorta even deceiving me to write!

officially i haven’t blogged since 12th of last month, technically i haven’t written any crap for a whole month and by now i’m dammed sure my psychiatrist is so proud of me.

i can’t say it was a good time but it was fine. and i really have no idea to whom i’m talking too. Alllooooo any muthafucka out there?

if you wanna become an expert, you need helluva practice. and i can’t even write a logical thing (let’s pretend i could write some time ago)

so as for the start or kinda end to something review the last 6-8 weeks!

1. broke up with my ex (fucking bastard, it was obvious he wasn’t my kind)

2. changed my psychiatrist and as a result went through all the shit with new meds and dosage!

3. the baby girl turned to be Ms. talkative with lots of crazy questions, just giving me headaches and making me wish i was deaf!

4. i gave up the idea of spending so many nights surfing the net and instead i started to read some books!

5. some fucking bastard stole my laptop and a few other things, just forcing me to choose between a brand new laptop in the next 3 years or a digi-cam for the coming 3-4 months.

6. last not least apparently and to some extent obviously i found my mr. right and Gawd he’s so sexy and lovable. i’m not gonna give any details cos you may kidnap him. all i can say is that he’s so much better than all the guys i’ve dated to date!

what else?

aha, as long as i’m back and i’ve made my mind to keep on blogging and writing crap for a while i thought this blog needed a new look and beside the new theme (that i have it on my other blog and love it so much!) i needed a header so  without further ado, i bring to you the extinct species living in north pole aka me (i know you were dying to see my face!)

i know i look really ugly and remind you of your great great great grand father but i can promise you to have a plastic surgery asap (i’m saving for it, may be you can help me a bit!)

ok, that was enough for today. i’m gonna change the header soon, i’m just looking for something better!



  1. I haven’t worked out which face I like the best … but I do like the ones with your tongue out … if I had to make a choice it would be the one when you are all sken-eyed … ha ha!

    You make me laugh.

    This blog feels nice K. It’s all kind a blue … but it works.

    Start worrying when your little girl stops talking to you … that’s when you really want to know what’s going on with them.

    I love being a parent.

    Fuckng love it.

    I think that you do, too.

    Last thing … whaddya mean ‘pretending you still admire women’s beauty’ !!!

    Kick your arse for that.

    Women rock the World.


  2. keep on working out your favorite face.
    a few people are trying to do so but in the end they decide i must be the most handsome shit in the world. 😉
    and you’re right about worrying when the little girl stops talking but well that’s gonna be a long time from now on, this demon is not even 2 years old yet.
    and like you, i fucking like being a parent and i feel sorry for those who don’t have the guts to give it a try or just restrict their parenthood to those biological stuff, they’re all stupid!
    hhhmm women would definitely rock the world if i were a woman myself but they have no influence on me (except two of ’em) so to the rest: fuck offf!
    ooooppppss you kicked my ass really hard, ok you don’t fuck off, you can be an exception!

  3. You have to write for yourself. Always. It’s part of who you are… Keep at it.

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