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I looked into some old pages and I found this, it looks quite funny right now!(I looked so AC/DC LOL!)


Closing the door and pulling all the curtains  , i crawled into the bed and closed my eyes, I could hear my own heart beat cos it was beating so fast and strong I thought it might jump out of my rib case ; I was nervous like a teenage boy trying something forbidden for the first time.

I trembled a bit as her lips touched my cheek, it was more like an electric shock given to a dead body. I thought:”Oh my Gawd, I want her more than anything else.” I couldn’t stop myself from what looked so natural. Without much hesitation I hugged her tight. keeping her close to my sweaty body I kissed her cheek and then I kissed her lips. I closed my eyes and stuck my lips to her as long as I could still holding her close to my body.

She tasted me with her tongue and we started eating one another. she was so sweet, tasting like a cup of hot chocolate to me that I felt i was in heaven, I wanted the clocks to stop working and let those moments last for ever.

I didn’t realize when she unzipped my jeans and got her cold sweet lovely fingers inside but just a simple touch of her was more than enough for me; I was as hard as stone and I was sure I wanted her to go further so I let her do whatever she liked to my body. She turned upside down and in a few seconds she was between my legs and she  was exploring my shaft her tongue and massaging my balls with her fingers. I moaned in pleasure, grabbed her hair and directed her head to the place gaping for attention; she took my meat inside her warm mouth and sucked it like a little baby, at first she sucked it slowly then she sucked faster. I couldn’t hold for long, I cried: “omg, I’m cuming” she sucked my cock harder and i came. she ate all my loads & didn’t waste a drop.we were both breathless; but I had to satisfy her too cos I didn’t want to owe her anything. so we quickly got outta bed  and got rid of our clothes. Jumping back on the bed, we got to the 69 position and I buried my face inside her wet pussy, I licked a few drops of her juice then teased her by running my tongue around her well-shaved pussy. She hadn’t left a pubic hair as if she knew we wanted do it that day. the aroma coming from her pussy was so great and intoxicating for me. I dug into her clit thrusting my tongue inside her. I could hear her moaning and panting, I sucked her harder, she let out a loud cry and it was followed by her juices. I licked her clean and she tasted so good. I laid on my back and i was hard again cos she was teasing me with her tongue as I sucked on her clit.

She winked at me then she stood up and parted her pussy lips giving me a full view of her erect clit; it was such a turn on for me that all i wanted was to fuck her tight cunt. She lowered her body as if she read my mind, she grabbed my cock and put the head at her entrance, I was ready to fuck her. I stared at her big beautiful eyes and begged her to go on. slowly slowly she let me in. I couldn’t believe she was so tight, her pussy muscles tightened round my organ and I could see pain in her eyes. She remained in the same position for a few minutes before starting to ride, at first she moved slowly, then she went  faster trying to get me completely inside. But she was so tight and my dick was a bit too thick for her she couldnt take me in. she rode faster and harder as I got closer to my climax. A few more strokes and we both came together and I helped her lay on my side with my semen oozing outta her hole.

I love her so much, she’s so perfect, so hot, so sexy, and sometimes it seems she’s never satisfied and that day was one of those times.

It didn’t take long before she was ready for another mission, she held my cock in her hand and started to play with it to wake up th beast. But I couldn’t keep up with her pace, I needed some time to regain my power and another erection.

she played with my cock for a while till it was hard again then she moved on her for ready for me to get inside of her. I got behind her and held my cock with one hand and lubing the other hand. I played with her ass cheeks then touched her tight ass hole trying to insert a finger but she yelled:” no anal” .shit , I knew; I knew she didn’t want anyone play with her anus. I parted her pussy and got inside of her so hard that she let out a loud scream, I knew she was hurt so I pulled out and this time I thrust slowly. we went on till we came, I came first but i kept on thrusting till she came too, then we laid on the bed holding each other and panting, we were both exhausted.

Thanks heaven her parents were out or they’d kill us if they knew what we were up to.

We spent quite a while together on the bed, kissing and touching then we showered before her parents came home. Then we went downstairs and turned the TV on, pretending we were watching it all day.

Though it was a great time, i still feel something was missing; i wanted her to fuck me from behind with her dildo. i felt my ass was on fire, shit, i hate this feeling, i don’t wanna act like gays.*

*. yes I know  this post was all crap but I have noticed a few things:

1. I write a bit better now

2. I love my wife

3. I was a real fag who was afraid of his own homosexual feelings

4. I’m happy I’ve found my boy

5. just 9 days left and I haven’t done anything for our first anniversary, any one has any idea to help?


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