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did i mention my in-laws arrived here the other day?

and did i write about J being the one who picked them up from the airport?

and did you know i’m still alive and probably my in-laws gonna love my boyfriend more than me?

this world is crazy and so do i!

i’m hungry, actually i’m starving, i’m dying and they won’t bury me here cos everywhere is covered with ice and i have no chance of getting buried!

AND Jeff King is on top of the mushers’ list and i those who’re interested in K-300 know who he is.

this iditarod 2007 race is getting exciting, i should have signed up but then i was the one pulling the sled and a pile of dogs chasing me!

keep sane, i try to keep insane.

*.if you didn’t receive any e-card this weekend, mail me so i’m gonna send you one!

time to wash the dishes and may be eat.

To eat or not to eat?!! no that’s not a question to consider, the important thing is: to puke or not to puke!!

**. to the new readers: though i have a boyfriend, i’m not a cute girl, so don’t send me Viagra messages!



  1. Nice to know you’re still alive after that!

  2. Where was their son in law?

  3. @mr angry: yeah, that’s something nice to know even for myself!
    @rinnie: he was sick and puking in the bathroom, any problem?!

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