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*. under 18? get outta here right now, i wrote this post yesterday but i dunno what the fcuk is wrong with my other blog, i can load any page except the writing page. some might not like this but it’s actually based on my time with my boyfriend having fun & me trying to improve my writing skills ;-)*************

The silver sky slowly turned into darker colors as I looked outside the window.
“Just one more hour and then I can be home, this time earlier than the other days.” I wondered.
It was just another 1.5-hour drive on icy slippery roads and then a warm welcoming house and a hot delicious dinner were waiting for me. So I pressed the gas pedal harder to speed up.
My cell phone was ringing non-stop and it was really driving me up the wall.
I pulled over to the shoulder to see who was the one dying to talk to me.
“Hallo, who’s buggin’ me?” I asked.
“Do you mind stoppin’ an hour by my little hut of yours?” the voice from the other end asked. I took a look at my watch, I could be home an hour later than expected and it was still earlier than other nights so I replied:” ok, I ma’give you some time” the caller thanked and hung up.
I parked my truck and ran to his door as if I was late but actually I was 10 minutes early.
The place looked pretty dark except the candle lights waving dimly at passers-by. I looked around, no one was out there in the dark, I pushed the door open and there he was sitting on the sofa watching T.V.
“Hey, jus one hour and that’s all. So whydya call?” I said.
He smiled widely, turning his head to me:” hi babe, you’re a bit early so can we spend more time together?”
“Nope, you know the rules!” I frowned.
He looked quite disappointed: “Deal, jus one fucking hour; and should I pay first?”
Grinning happily I said:” we’re gonna discuss it later!”
He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me closer so I could smell his scent that is something enchanting for me.
I tried to say something about what I felt but he put his tender lips on mine and gave me no chance to talk.
I parted my lips and let him slip his tongue into my waiting mouth, our tongued danced happily together, I tasted his sweet lips and then entered his mouth, I could feel the freshness there, and the whole sensation was great.
We stopped for a while trying to stare at each others eyes and reading thoughts.
I couldn’t stay like that for long, I whispered “I love you babe” and I licked his cheeks then bit his luscious lips.
“Umm you taste good but we have just one hour to be together” I told him as I was running my fingers round his neck.
He tried to lick my lips as I tried to get away from him.
“Fuck it; I thought you didn’t mind spending a few hours with me.” He claimed.
I smiled looking at his dark blue eyes,” I’d love to but that’s gonna cost you more, may be your head for instance!”
“Fuck yo, if you have to go, and then let’s hurry up!” I agreed and he grabbed my hand and led me to his dark bedroom.
Blinking a few times, we were used to the darkness inside the bedroom and we could see things pretty well.
“You’re a real whore.” He whispered to my ear.
I said:” I know” then kissed his neck, grabbed his sweater and pulled it. I wanted to go for his jeans but he took my hands away, going for his drawer and taking a box of condoms from there.

I went for the lights, the darkness was great but I wanted to see what we were doing.
In a flash of light we got rid of the things covering our bodies.
Both took a deep breath and simultaneously shouted:” you’re so hard”
It was funny both of us were so horny.
“I’ve been thinking of you all day” he said as he pushed me on his comfy bed.
“So did me” I paused then went on: “let’s get down to business then, heads or tails”
“I think heads” he answered thoughtfully.
“Sure?” I asked.
“Yeah, go on” he said lying on the bed beside me.
I moved between his legs, touching his knees then I touched his thighs several times before squeezing his balls with my fingers.
“stop playing, get into action” he asked.
I licked top of his beautiful cock, then making circles on the head and licking the whole length.
he grabbed my head and shouted:” do your job now or you won’t get any!”
I took a look at a clock hanging on the wall, he was right, time was passing so fast.
I bit & licked his cock a few times and then I let it slip in my hungry mouth ready to feel his hard cock.
I had to try several times before I could take him completely, as soon as he was fully in my mouth; we found a rhythm of a good fuck.
He fucked my mouth for several minutes, we were breathing hard, and then he said:” I can’t hold it anymore, I’m cumming”
I sucked him harder, bit him a few times and there was no return for him, his muscles tightened and I tasted his juices in my mouth, it was a strong load I almost choked on his shot.
He collapsed on the bed; I took a deep breath then moved to him, rubbing my painful cock on his body, I was so hard, harder than the time I stepped into his place.
I inserted my tongue into his mouth and let him taste his own juice.
Tasting his own sperm, I could feel his member stiffening again. I put my hand on his groin, moving it up and down; he closed his eyes and let out a deep moan.
I kissed him on his lips, my hand still jerking him off, and then kissed his cheeks.
I moved down to his little hard nipples, I sucked his right nipple and played with the left one, my other hand still working on his hard cock.
I slowed down and put my weight on my elbows so I could take a look at his face.
He was enjoying himself, his eyes closed and panting heavily. I moved down again and started sucking his wonderful dick standing proud and hard.
I slipped a finger in his hole.
“How do you feel?” I asked
He tried to say something but it looked so hard as I inserted another finger into his tight ass.
I sucked his cock one more time, and then pulled my fingers away.
“Bitch finger-fuck me right now” he ordered.
I grabbed his balls again and squeezed them really hard; he let out a loud groan.
I put his cock in my mouth, inserting2 fingers into his ass, this time fucking him really hard.
He grabbed my head again pushing it hard against his balls, I was sucking him really hard and my fingers couldn’t go any farther. I put the third finger in his hole and he couldn’t take it any longer. He came as intense as the first time.
I licked the last drop of cum, this time I swallowed every drop. Then kissed him on the lips and jumped outta bed, I got dressed as quickly as possible, but I have to struggle with my hard-on, it didn’t want to go inside my pants.
I waved him good-bye and kissed him again, he looked exhausted.
“Wish you had more time” he said sadly, putting his hand on my hard thing trying to stroke it.
I gasped for some air, “may be next time, and tonight was jus yours and I have one more place to go.”
We kissed each other one last time and I headed for the door.


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