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Team Eagle created “Snowzilla — I’ll Show You A Big Wild Life!” at the GCI Snow Sculpture contest downtown near the railroad tracks. People can pick up a paper ballot near the entrance to the sculptures and vote for their favorites, which are on display through Sunday.

so today the sun is shining, the sky is blue the temperature’s around 12 now and it’s gonna be round zero at night.

it’s 4.30 pm and it’s still day that means spring is coming

i’m dying for an hour sleep but cant so i can take some sleep when i get home.

today i moved my fcuking ass and took one of those killing tests.

i almost shit in my pants when looking for the results.

yippeeee it was negative, no AIDS for me.

well i knew i was this good boy doing it all in a very safe way, didn’t i?


ok so let’s go back to the book i was reading, “paradise lost”

as soon as i finish my work i’m gonna treat anyone to dinner.**


lemme close my eyes

lemme sleep here and die?!?!

*. i know there’s no word like sunnily but that’s how i feel now

**. this one was a big lie, i haven’t got my check for the first salary yet!


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