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there are many times i feel like slaves, but they were happier, they knew what they were.

sometimes life gives us lessons that we can’t see at that time but we could live better if we were aware of ’em.

and how much i wanna sit down and write but i have to go to work

it’s sunny outside and warm, so let’s have Alaska news

Alaska pilot lands on Oregon highway
BAKER CITY, Ore. – Poor weather forced a Ketchikan pilot to land on an Oregon highway in his seaplane, Oregon State Police said.


The sunset provides a warm backdrop as the 2007 Anchorage Fur Rendezvous kicks off with traditional fireworks, Feb. 23, 2007, in a view seen from Arctic Valley Road. The show was sponsored by AT&T Alascom.

huh, why i cant put the pic here???!! never mind it was just another Alaskan sunset.

love me more.

and i think i write better when depressed, don’t you think so?

*. i read my previous post and shit it had lotta mistakes, i must read my own crap at least once before publishing! but well i enjoyed that post cos i could see myself walking infronna my eyes hihihi


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