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He’s been taking that bus almost every day to go to school but that day it was so crowded and the sun was shining brightly stabbing his rays on his body, he made one last effort to get inside and the door pushed closed.
Not only the bus was exploding with people; the roads were covered with immobile cars. He took a look at his watch. “Oh no, I’m gonna be late today” he murmured.
The bus slowly found its way through the traffic, whizzzz the door opened and he had to get outta the bus to let other passengers exit.
Many got out and he found enough space to stand at the end of the bus easily, and again the vehicle started its snail like movements. “20 more minutes, or I’m gonna be really late” he thought when he took a quick look at the clock in the middle of the square infronna him.
He grabbed a book from his back pack and started reading a few pages to forget passing of time, he had to write down a report based on the book beside the exam he had early that morning.
Again the door opened “shit, fuck the driver, does he have to cram so many people in?!”
The bus again got full of people, he focused on his book.
he tried to concentrate but he felt something warm pressing against his bottom, he turned his head to look around, a guy was standing right behind him with a piece of “New York time’s” in his hand and apparently reading something interesting cause he didn’t even look at him. “Fuck this shitty life, it’s so hot and crowded” he wondered then tried to find the line he was reading.
“When used as part of the common name for an organism that is not a heteropteran……………”
‘Oh holy shit’ that guy was pushing his body on his again.
He tried his best to ignore his existence “for an organism……..”
He heard the sound of paper from behind, “he wanna get out at last” was the thought came to his mind.
The door opened again, he watched people getting out but there was no sign of him. The door closed and the bus headed to its final destination where he had to run all the way to his school and surely he was already late for his entomology class.
He took a look at his watch ” oh heavens it’s 5 to 8″
Even if he could run as fast as the wind he couldn’t be at school earlier than 15 of 8.
“….heteropteran, the word bug is usually not separated—e.g., ladybug a member of the beetle order Coleoptera-….” he looked out to see where he was and then to the driver, the bus was still so crowded that was quite hard to breathe in such a hot day.
“mealybug (a homopteran), doodlebug (a neuropteran larva)…” he repeated in his mind ” so mealybug is a homopteran… ooooooooohh” he felt something going up and down his ass chick.
For a few seconds he closed his eyes, bit his lower lip and took a deep breath, then reached for his back with his hand to see what was bugging him.
“oouch” he felt someone else’s hand as he was squeezing his left ass chick.
He put his hand on the invader’s hands, then turned his head and some of his body “holy fuck, it was the guy with the papers in his hand”
the stranger smiled and asked:” whacha reading?” his hand was still on his ass.
“Something about bugs” the boy answered.
The stranger started making circles on his back “and ain’t you supposed to be at school by now?”
He had a strange feeling in his groin, ” yes and I know I’m a bit late”
The bus slowed down, the stranger inserted a finger inside his jeans “smooth, you have a tender skin”
The bus stopped at last and one by one people got outta it. He was enjoying the sensation but he had to get out so the stranger pulled his hand away from his body.
He jumped down and put his book back in his backpack. Now the stranger guy was standing beside him looking at his watch.
“When are you supposed to be at school?” he asked as they began walking in the direction the boy took every day to get to school.
“8, sir and i have to go now cause I have an exam and already late!” he answered increasing his pace.
“Yes, surely you’re late, well too late because it’s 20 past 8” the stranger grinned trying to catch with him.
The boy stopped and took a look at his watch, yeah it was really late, there was at least 10 minutes to school from where he was standing & the teacher was so strict that wouldn’t let him take the exam.
“Right, sir” he sighed “but i have to go to school any way, I have other classes too” and began walking again now making some distance from the stranger.
the stranger took a few fast steps now walking side to side, “you know…..” they passed a dead-end street, the stranger pushed him inside, then went on” you look cute, how old are you?”
The boy felt quite frightened and started taking some steps back and keeping some distance between himself and that guy.
he kept on walking backward and the stranger got closer till he felt the wall against his back, there was no where to go and he was trapped.
“I have to go” he murmured it was a dark place and at that time the street looked so empty. “where had all those people gone?” he wondered, then looked around examining the whole place with his eyes, he could escape if he acted fast.
The stranger stopped and took a look at his eyes as if trying to read his mind.
The boy could feel sweat drops running down his spine.
“i don’t wanna harm you, babe” the stranger said at last trying to calm the boy down.
Now he was standing right infronna him and he felt too frightened to escape.
The stranger put his hand on his shoulder and pressed him against the wall “I jus wanna see a few things”
“Please lemme go” the boy begged him.
“It won’t take too long, ok?”
May be it was a good idea to scream for help but nobody could hear him. He thought it was worth trying so he opened his mouth and shouted as loud as he could “hhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………” the stranger put his hand on his mouth.
“nice try young man, but nobody gonna hear you so better stop struggling.”
“What do you want from me?” the boy asked with trembling voice.
“Nothing much, just I want you to unzip your jeans and show me whacha hiding there” he simpered.
The boy felt extremely helpless
“Please, lemme go!”
“Com’on outta your pants, right now” the stranger ordered.
“I beg you” he cried, putting his hands infronna his body to protect himself.
“I beg you” the stranger imitated his voice “you’re such a pussy, stop acting so effeminate” he hit him against the wall and grabbed hold of his pants trying to rip it.
His jeans fell to the floor infronna his tearful eyes, now he was struggling with his pants.
“noooo” the boy made his last attempt to escape, he pushed the stranger and started to run keeping an eye on the attacker, “yeah” he thought and then bang, something hit his head.
The world started orbiting round his head, fast, fast and faster that it was hard to keep his balance.
“ouccchhh” something hard hit his stomach and then his groin and again his head, he heard something crashing into pieces & then the pain; it was so intense he couldn’t bear it anymore, he fell on his knees and the last thing he could see was the vague figures of two guys approaching him
To be continued ….


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