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this is just a note for myself to remember cos things cant be as beautiful and erotic as erotica.
actually i met that guy, he was fine, well-built, handsome….
when i say he was fine dont doubt it cos i’m not much into colored cocks, masculine guys or even bears. i prefer people of my own kind and well may be he was a bit better than me but i know im not ugly!
whatever it was, it was just fucking for the money and i really had no fucking idea what the hell i was doing there.
i know im quite an exhibitionist but prostitution was never defined in my own scales.
so i kissed, licked, gave a bj and finger-fucked his virgin ass and that was it; he thought my dick was too big to find its way to his back door without pain (bitch, im not big) so i went on kissing and squeezing his balls till i heard my cell-phone ringing.
and actually it was the alarm clock i set for 2 hours as we’d agreed on it.
i picked up the phone and pretended i was talking to someone and i had to go.
ridiculously i didn’t even took my clothes off. so i zipped my jeans, gave him a long french kiss (he almost chocked cos of my naughty tongue moves and explores too quickly & he lied about how great it was, who was he kidding?!)
i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth & refresh the taste in my mouth; got my money ( & he paid 50 more bucks cos i didnt fuck his tight ass LOL) got back to my car and drove all the way back to the office.
as long as i didnt want to go back home i found a place for parking and spent the rest of the night shivering and shaking of cold. it was a good punishment!
nobody hates easy money & escorting can be one of the easiest ways for earning big bucks but it has a few problems:
1. it’s not permanent’s not too healthy
3. no job insurance, security…’s not really respectable
5. and i think no one likes to say “hey, my dad’s a call boy, what about yours?”

conclusion: i think i can keep my gay feeling for myself and dont express it to any one; besides i was quite talented when born so better stick to my fucking engineering job, they pay me good but i have to work hard &* pay tax!
at least BG won’t be ashamed of me!
*. i’m gonna write some of my experiences with BF & other guys but actually i wanna try erotic literature so i dont have to right things that are based on utter truth from now on!



  1. Aha! Methinks your erotic literature will be based on your own experiences, even if you don’t write about them and more importantly, you can embellish your liteature, if your experience wasn’t so great in real life, well fuck it, it was beautiful in the story!

    And sweetheart, I ain’t going to preach to you either!


  2. Hey … one more thing … I am turned on by the idea of two men having sex with each other, I find this ‘erotic’ … and I am a hetro-woman!

    So if you are going to write homo-erotic stories, I will be reading them!


  3. @queen minx: thanks for the tip, i promise to work harder on the subject when find some spare time!
    and i think i cant avoid real experiences leaking into my notes & thanks for not preaching cos i have done it alot for myself in the last 2-3 days :-*

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