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it was 10 pm when i saved the last document and turned my putter off. Another long working day was over and i had to drive around 30 miles back home on those icy roads. I threw whatever belonged to me in my back pack , changed my clothes, turned the lights off, locked the door, waved mr gaurd goodbye , got into my car, set theengine working, pressed the gas pedal and started my way back home thinking of tomorrow that i had to wake up before 6 and drive all the way back.
it was so cld and actually it was snowing again; i pulled my car over the shoulder and stopped. i closed my eyes for a few minutes to get rid of the physical exhaustion then opened the glove compartment tolook for my cell phone, it was a bit dark inside the car but my fingers were trained to look for things thereso they didn’t any light for that.
there it was , i had a few missed calls from W & BF, i could guess why they have called, i was later than usual and probably that worried them.
then i checked some e-mails as if i was home, relaxing and having a cup of hot coffee.
i kept on checking till i got to something interesting, “yeah, i’m gonna love this guy for tonight”



  1. OMG! You tease!!



  2. really? that’s not too bad!

  3. It’s great!! I can’t wait to read the next installment! So I am just going to flip over the page!



  4. thanks (red with blushes)
    i think i have to read a few books than all those metal based ones to learn how to desrcibe things, actually i finished reading “animal farm” and it drove me crazy feeling depressed, i hate history repeating over and over again!
    now i’m trying to read paradise lost, but apparently i’m reading irrelevant books
    … done with posting the next. do you wanna gimem some tips?

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