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as usual i’m earlier than expected but i don’t mind.
let’s drop a tear for the loved ones we lost and let’s give a big kiss to the living ones.

i don’t remember how many e-cards and cards i sent but i’m happy receiving warmer replies, i appreciate.
it’s not that i don’t wanna blog or i don’t have much to say; i don’t have the time. i’m busy like hell, not having enough sleep and not eating enough; i’m not sure how long i can go on!

but well in a day time it’s valentine’s so those lonely people out there, better look for a sweet-heart or i can ask some of my vampire friends to kiss you once!
happy Valentine’s day and don’t eat too much!



  1. Happy valentines day son – I love you.

  2. ok, send me your vampire..
    I’ll wait..

  3. Hey! Can I have a vampire kiss too?! No teeth, just tongues!

    Happy Valentine!


  4. @ sandra: thanks so much, Me love you too
    @ rinnie: leave your window open tonight
    @queenminx: hhmm i cant promise thant LOL!

  5. Happy Valentines hun- be safe, be good, be kind to Meg. xx

  6. happy valentine’s too & ok ma’am, i try my best but it really depends on her behavior 😆

  7. Thank you for sending me a sweet e-card, you are always so thoughtful (and early) 🙂 hope you had a good one!

  8. you’re welcome
    thoughtful=early?!! i just wanna be different 😀
    and nope my day was aweful (read next post!)

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