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i have a lot to say and again my mind is switching between thoughts so fast i can hardly see the point.’s so funny when you have plenty of spectacular scenery round the corner and you still say i hate the place, so i moved my lazy ass and took a not-artistic picture from where i live, those icicles are beautiful, ain’t they? (and it’s a small place to live, i had to stretch the picture to fit the header, that’s it!)
2. i like checking the “blog stats” button and read the search engine terms, some of them are stupid the others funny, for instance:
you feel guilty when you are silent (not really!)
Alaskans close bathroom window (don’t say anything, i’m trying to figure this out myself!)
whale blubber ice cream (never ate and if it exists, i don’t wanna try it!)
open your mouth i wanna pee in it (this is fcuking rude!)
MEN ARE HAPPIER LIST (did i say mer are happier? from what point of view?)
rude boy keith (yes i know i’m a bit rude but you don’t have to search it, just knock on the door and we can have a little chat!)
heterosexual cannibalism (is the sexuality of cannibals important?)
i want to cry my marriage is hell my in laws (omg, he couldn’t finish his sentence, probably his in-laws killed him but well i love my in-laws so you’re in the wrong place!)
man alaska made ice candle holders (no idea!) and J went to meet one of his regular johns (does this mean i met my first john?!)
to be honest, i felt a bit bored but it was much better than sitting all alone at home and doing nothing.
don’t get me wrong, this particular john is so special. SHE is in her sixties so i can claim she’s old enough to be my grand ma, she’s sweet, lovely, lonely and loaded and she wants some one’s company than doing anything so it was a fun time
4.this friday the temperature was 48F that meant it was a real hell and hotter than Texas, most of the snow melt and it wasn’t mush but rivers in the streets, thanks heaven it’s cold again, it’s round 20 at the moment
5. Oh, Super bowl, hhhmm i better not to say anything!


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