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first of all i gotta thanks all those bitchy curious guys who look for Alasqa-related words and end here. i guess I’ve disappointed hundreds of people by now 🙂
as long as it’s winter in almost every part of US of A even Texas LOL, if you really wanna know what homeless guys do, you better put on all your warm clothes and take a walk round the streets to find the answer!
But to be honest, things are more complicated and a lot worse.
i can spend a whole night out when the temperature’s between 10-30 but below that, i have no fucking idea!
Since we moved here we always had this very warm cozy place (except the few nights i was struggling with the central heating ) so it’s pretty hard for me to imagine the hardness of staying out all night, let alone people who doesn’t live here and have NFI how it is like to have ice & snow 7/24 for most of the year. Honestly this is an unforgiving cruel harsh environment for the homeless, so if you’re a homeless i highly recommend warmer places like Hawaii or Australia at this time of year.
It’s not unusual for someone to be found dead every morning you make the distance to work and specially in large cities. Obviously for some reason they didn’t make it to a homeless shelter or passed out from the drugs or booze and froze, that old story.(another reason that you must stay sober in Alaska!) Surely There are a few homeless shelters in some cities but the truth is there isn’t enough room. So each person is limited to a certain number of days per month in each shelter so they roam from shelter to shelter and try to stay with someone or find someplace in between to make their nights last the full month. One of the shelters has an inner courtyard and when the temperature is below 0F they let people sleep in there. Also I think the neighborhood vans that roam around checking on the homeless, call the police if they find someone who is passed out or incapable of getting to a shelter and they are hauled to jail for the night (it’s cool, ain’t it? so don’t forget to bring your illegal rifle when you have no where to go! And then there is Beans soup kitchen-they feed all that they can. But, the alcoholism and drug addiction has created a huge population of homeless souls roaming the streets of this city and it is a sad and pitiful situation.I think it’s a lot worse than other cities though we may have less homeless here.
I am truly impressed with the services that are put in place to try to help but well,it’s jus sucha big problem!
Comparing here with Bethel, I never met people walking on the streets all night, like me many of them were regular runners. but here whenever I move my lazy ass going out for an hour run I see more people walking on the streets then there are cars;always, day and night, there are people on the streets.
Though I’m not as racist as my teen years, I still don’t wanna see immigrants. here the homeless can receive free health care if they are lucky enough to be Native. And you i think it’s not fair, homeless is homeless, native or not. If we pay so much attention to being Native or not we better do something for them and let the rest have the health care.

the homeless have their own reasons not to have a place to live in but let’s blame it more on Alcoholism and Drugs. Many of us wasted some of our youth dealing with them, what did we gain? nothing than regrets, I always regret the time i wasted on booze and drugs, i could make use of my brain!
Let’s stay sober and next time we meet a homeless better not to turn our head, they could be our siblings or friends. may be we have lotta financial problems ourselves but surely we can afford a sandwich for a meal, let them have it, may be one day we get better things.

I. i really didn’t want to write this long but as long as it’s been a while my mail-box is empty like hell and i don’t surf the net much cos i get killing headaches using putter more than 1.5 hours, let this post be long!

II. i wanted to write about my first day at work but WTF, it sucked and i’m sure i have to waste lotta energy to tolerate my cow-orkers but well let’s not judge the book by the cover, that was jus a first day.

III. slowly slowly I’m getting used to my new family. to my surprise J is no more a boy friend, i dunno what the hell he is doing in my family but I love him and i have NFI how we lived without him.

VI. this headache is killing me, i better go!



  1. I remember the first time I saw a large number of homeless people. In 1986 they invented wonderful drugs for psychiatric patients. They worked so well the mental institutions almost emptied out. But they didn’t work well enough for people to remember to take them on their own. So they got psychotic, got homeless. It is so sad. Many are alcoholics, but most are mentally ill. One of the things we do at my job is to go regularly to feed the homeless.

  2. thanks heavens i was jus 6 yr old in 1986 or they’d fed me with those drugs too, i really have enough of lithium & prozac 🙂
    and i never doubted you being such a nice, kind and helpful woman, i wish you strength and health and i hope when i grow up i become like you 😉

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