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So today we went out all together though i was/am still feeling so depressed.

yesterday THB and my wife went to the movies and then a restaurant near-by and really enjoyed themselves so they decided to share their joy with me.

honestly I never eat out this much; not only it’s not healthy, i cant afford it but if someone else wanna pay the bill, i never protest.

we went to the restaurant they went the other day, it’s pretty small but the foods are so delicious though i didn’t eat much.

we started flirting a bit under the table, sorta foot playing. i’m not much interested in people’s feet but today i found a new fetish.

let’s call it boot fetish cos we held each others boots while eating, it was so fun when THB wanted to get up  and go to the restroom.

shiittt this headache is killing me and i don’t have the energy to write. my writing sucks and i know it but well we need time to explore new things. let’s have dinner!


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