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I hate cloudy days and more than that i hate my passive episodes.
i wanna stay in bed and do nothing beside sleeping and crying and praying for my own death.
And how pitiable and helpless i look.
And it fucking ridiculous to share everything you had with some one else unwillingly
And apparently I’m sharing my family with my boyfriend or vice versa.
so my wife my daughter and my boyfriend are out going to the movies and restaurants and me sitting on the bed staring at the traffic light on the other side of the street and counting the cars passing the light and waiting for them.
i need a dead body, it can be me it can be some one else.
and how meaningless is the word “my”?
do i have anything of my own?
yes i still have my body but i lost my soul again in a crowded street the other day!



  1. I also hate the cloudy day, when the rain wetted the soil, when you can smell the wet soil when umbrellas fulfill the street, when the sparks of the rain spotted your clothes.
    Rain same as mourning …

    you are not the one who feels helpless, coz i felt the same way too now.
    Wish I can disappear from my desk now!

    PS: Miss you..

  2. hey honey, i like rainy days when i’m inside and looking at the streets to follow some umbrellas, that’s beautiful!
    get a grip girl, stop complaining and instead write to me.
    miss yo = :-* (like the dogs)

  3. I still don’t like rainy days. Make me sick, thinking about the traffic jam to office.

  4. LAZY!

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