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Right now my clock shows 5.45 pm, surely my putter has its own clock but it’s set for the Eastern Time so I don’t have to think much dealing with time differences.
I’m a bit bored (read missing the little city I used to live in) as usual it’s dark outside so I feel quite sleepy too.
I have established a few good habits like sleeping more than 10 hours, all I want is to stay in bed and do nothing, I can’t watch TV cos it really annoys me, I don’t like going to the theaters though it’s Oscar time and probably you can find a few worth-watching movies (any suggestion?)
I’ve called Meg 3 times since noon and she told me I better call tomorrow cos she’s tired of cleaning the place and packing and I didn’t let her snooze.
I hate all the news, the military tries to explain Alaskan soldier deaths, people demonstrate against war; it’s cloudy outside and most places are mushy, we have all these ice pile-up and avalanche warnings, J, the bf, is playing with Alexis so I’m gonna nominate him for being her godfather.
Shiiittt, Alexis is not baptized yet and I bet she won’t be in near future cos it’s the beginning of endless arguments with Meg on what religion she should have. I’m not really pushy but I can’t see the reason that she should be Christian.
Till now I have discovered interracial relations and marriages are fine but not inter-religions!
I’m not really religious (obvious, right?) but I never liked that guy called Christ.
I’m hungry, no I’m starving and I want something to eat; it’s another good habit so in a few weeks time I’m gonna weigh like a mammoth, wait for that!
J has terrible eating habits, he has brunch every day around 11-12 and then dipper (dinner & supper) at 7-8, that’s all he has and it doesn’t mean he eat less than me or he’s on any fucking diet, I bet he eats twice the usual amount I eat but just twice a day, I really need Meg to kick his ass hard, I just need 1.5 days to wait and it looks like forever!
Till now I thought I’m a real baby freak, smiling, mugging & sticking my tongue at every random baby I meet ; I was wrong, this guy is worse than me.
It really takes people some time to decide who her dad is. And if in the end they point at me it’s just because of little similarities.
And I like the sympathetic looks, I have NFI why they think of me as a single parent, I even met an elderly woman who tried her best preaching tone to tell me the baby needs her mom more than her dad.
WTF! I already know that.
Ok I better go get myself something then enjoy the 3-day vacation.



  1. I think it is super cool that you took Alex with you to your mysterious new place to live.

  2. super cool?! hhmm we wanna live here so the family must be together, right? and it’s no mysterious place to live, it’s jus a big city in Alaska 😉

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