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So me and the hellish bud (this is the only name I can think of to refer to the boy friend!) went to our first serious date. Well actually we had met each other before but not really dating.
It was a little comfy restaurant at the corner of a crowded street with ordinary faces everywhere, nothing at all luxurious but still romantic and with the sun light beaming down on us it was a bit erotic too.
I like his complexion though a bit pale, more than that I love his black eyes, well yes dark brown.
I think eyes speak more freely than words, and I communicate much better through looking than words, I was never good at using words and most of the times I sound offensive cos I talk frankly.
I dunno why but on my very first dates I’m hell nervous that I can hear my heartbeat but once getting used to each other, I’m not shy anymore, i can be even flirty . I thought it should be different round guys, I have never dated any guy like this, I had a boy friend that I thought I was hell in love and I really wanted to get married with him but he was a real asshole I can never forgive.
But THB (the hellish bud) is different, we can get on well easily and he’s roughly my age so it makes us closer.
We’ve been together laughing and joking more than a day but when I thought of that time as a date I could feel my heart jumping outta my ribcage; it was so ridiculous.
We just ate nuggets and went back home cos the baby girl felt bored and started crying. It was a funny occasion to be called date but well it was.
Next time we wanna find an Italian restaurant cos I crave for anything Italian but we gotta wait till my wife joins us and watches the girl.
I have 3 more days to spend idly before going to work, I’m thinking of going to the movies!


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