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i’m an expert in making quick decisions, i don’t say all of them end in places i like but that’s the way i like it.
So we’re moving.
i got the ticket for Sunday morning and let’s not say to where but this time it’s one way.
i’m gonna take Alexis with myself but Meg gonna join us by Tuesday
we don’t have much to take, just clothes and a few personal things. me & Meg gonna take as much as possible and in-laws gonna send the rest later.
so everything gonna be new, a new life, a new job and a new place to live.
we’re gonna live with my boyfriend and we had set some rules till now; my wife is mine and i don’t wanna share her with anyone until she wants it herself.
i had this job offer for a while and i had to make my decision by the end of this month, i thought i wanted to stay in Bethel but i hate small communities, i like to get lost in crowded place with a few people knowing me.  but well gay society is still very limited.
and i wanna start a new blog, i’ve started the very first things right now and it’s gonna be hell different
people won’t have real names, gotta put a cover on everything and it’s gonna be more about sex than other things.
so i still keep here open to have a place for every day rant and not to forget how i started everything.
i guess in-laws gonna stay here for a few month then go back to their home in Colorado but probably they won’t follow us.
i have stuck my to-do list to the fridge, i have lotta things to do beside packing.
i have to say good-bye to all of my friends and go to places i like, surely miss the delta a lot
but we wanna keep the house, it’s jus another 14 months so it’s worth it meanwhile we put a “for rent ” sign, we have to balance our expenses
i dunno how i should feel but i’m not feeling blue or bad about it so let’s give it a try.
and i have to thank my wife for let me do whatever i wanted.
life’s gonna be a little hard till she finds a good job but till then i try my best.
this is my new blog:  (it’s gonna be different so if you think you’re gonna be offended or you don’t like things that way please leave there cos i mean harm to no one)
And thanks a lot for all the visits and supports and comments, i appreciate.
seriously yours

AND one last joke before leaving
“Kentucky Vasectomy”

A Kentucky couple, both certified rednecks, had nine
children. They went to the doctor to see about getting
the husband “fixed.”

The doctor gladly started the required procedure and
asked them what finally made them make the decision
–why after nine children, would they choose to do this.

The husband replied that they had read in a recent article
that one out of every ten children being born in the United States was Mexican, and they didn’t want to take a chance
on having a Mexican baby because neither of them could
speak Spanish.



  1. Good luck on your move, I think I’m in need of starting everything afresh right now, just like you. You are moving in with your boyfriend? You mean male friend right? Anyhow, I don’t think I’ll be reading your new blog if it’s all about sex so good luck to you! Have a fab time.

  2. thanks,if you need a refreshment then all you need is wiping all the problems and then write a random answer than follow it, but i don’t recommend it to everyone 🙂
    surely my boy firend is my male friend too but i reserve that word for my partner 😉
    and i really appreciate you checking here, the other blog is not the way you think but it’s still free will.
    Wish you something to make things afresh!

  3. Well I’m gonna check your new blog. I hate moving. :-p but one of these days I’m gonna be off to Albuquerque.

  4. thanks, and i like moving on free will cos of my gypsy soul!
    going to Albuquerque to meet family? then have a nice time there

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