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today , 27 years ago, a little monster hatched from her round egg. she was so cute with wings stuck to her dirty body.
She could never fly but she still has her wings.
Happy Birthday my sweetheart
my world was so dark without you though it’s till dark.
a big Happy birthday just for you
hope your party will be great and though Alexis won’t let you blow the candles you can still make a wish.
and i have to thank Mom-in-law for giving birth to such a wonderful woman
Love you Meg and happy birthday again
i have thought of a good surprise for you but won’t say it here
See you after work baby, don’t cry too much or i gotta ask Alexis to change the newborn baby’s diaper!
Happy birthday again
Wish you all the best cos the more you have, the happier i become and i know i was the best gift given to you, no need to tell me 🙂 :-X
*. question: why she never says such things to me?!?
To my wife:

At times …

… When you feel…

… At the end of your rope …

… Trapped …

… And depressed …

What should you do?

Cry in despair?

Get angry?…And turn into a monster?

Get drunk?

Take drugs?


Even if you feel…

… Very sad …

… Like a fool …

… Lonely…

… Guilty …

… Afraid …

… And inferior …

Remember …

… That there is SOMEONE …

But never call me, I’m not that one!


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