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there’s this funny fact that we can’t judge people pretty well by their blogs, we need to meet them and once met, we need some time to talk to them to figure out the likes and dislikes and assess them on jerk-ass-meter.
but there’s one thing i like about the blogsphere and it’s the “about me pages”. sometimes you can’t know more than what you already know but some has really good and funny stuff there, all numbered from 1 to 100. and i wonder why it should be 100, i want it to be 101 nope 121 things about me.
bet it’s gonna take lotta effort to finish it but let’s give it a try
eerrr what should i say here?
1. at the moment the temperature is -22F (-30C, 243K) and the weather forecast for tomorrow is “one sunny warm day”! so i like Alaska
2.i was born on a cold day on December and my favorite season is winter
3.i love snow and snowy trails though i often complain about cold weather
4.i have a degree in materials science and engineering and planning to get my master’s
5.i enjoy reading any article about molds, foundry and semi-solids
6.when i was a little boy i wanted to become a chain killer a kid i had my own vocabulary and i loved making words ( i still do), my favorite was “chain killer” as a replace for “serial killer”
8.i stuttered a lot when younger, i still do when too nervous
9.i bite and break my nails when stressed favorite drink is black coffee with no sugar
11.i hate drinking coke or milk
12.i drink more than 2 liters of water per day
13.i have a sweet tooth
14.i eat piles of chocolates and lollipops but i’m still under-weight our friends give us chocolate bars when they wanna surprise us (& it’s finished by the sunset!)
15.i can’t stop eating Hershey’s Kiss and M&M
16.i can eat pizza 7/24 and won’t complain favorite foods are pepperoni pizza and pasta weekends i do the cooking cos i have to eat pizza or pasta once a week
19.i put lotta ketchup and cheese on my pizza
20.i don’t like cooking much but i enjoy baking cakes and cookies
21.most of the times i burn my meals when heating
22.i never eat a sandwich on my own
23.i like smelling wet soil and leaves, coffee, spring blossoms and my wife
24.i’m either walking barefoot or having my sneakers on.
25.i used to sleep with window open but here’s so cold and baby Alexis may catch cold
26.i cant sleep without my pillow
27.i hate sleeping with socks on
28.i have more than 15 pairs of socks so i never wash them myself favorite color is midnight blue
30.more than 70% of my clothes are midnight blue so people think i rarely change my clothes
31.i sleep about 3-4 hours per day and on very rare occasions 15-16 hours when really down
32.i cry a lot but most of the times i deny
33.i love nights, the silence, the darkness and the loud howls of wolves
34.i’m afraid of darkness, height and dogs
35.the best way to torture me is to tie me to a high rock at night and ask your dog to watch me
36.i hate driving and flights
37.i have broken my legs 3 times
38.once i jumped down a high building, broke some bones, fractured my skull and stayed in I.C.U for several days (but at least i found out many people loved me and i got my girl friend back)
39.i have attempted suicide 4 times, all unsuccessful (obvious, right?)
40.i have bipolar disorder, it’s great to feel different from others!
41.i’m sure the pills are not working and Lithium is a great mood stabilizer always keeping you down
42.i have asthma, psoriasis, hypothyroid, i’m allergic to many things. i wanna have diabetes in near future(so probable cos my aunts and uncles have, so did my dad). i may get lung cancer
43.i’m sure i’m gonna die of snake bite
44.i love climbing and i can climb hills, mountains,rocks, ice, walls, elephants…. but i can’t walk on my hands
45.i played basketball a lot but left when i was sure i could continue it professionally
46.i enjoy running in woods, snow and generally nature
47.i run at least 1 hour per day (i imagine running when i don’t feel like it)
48.i like camping in the wild, i have my own tent and 4 sleeping bags dream is to climb at least one of the peaks in Alps or Himalayas
50.i rather die of cold and hunger than skiing all the way back
51.i can hang from minus slopes and ice
52.i prefer quiet places to crowded gatherings quite shy and not much sociable
54.i don’t like big bashes and i never invite more than 3-4 people by my will
55.i don’t watch T.V cos we don’t have one
56.i own a rifle and i like to go for hunting but i don’t like killing animals much (i jus enjoy the chase)
57.summer times are perfect for fishing with net
58.i’m so impatient and i get angry easily
59.i argue with my wife whenever i feel bored
60.i love everything about Meg but i wish i’d never met her
61.i like playing with my baby girl, that’s the best way to spend long nights here;Alexis has a big box as her home, that’s the place you can find many lost things and one of my favorite places
62.i like giving Alexis long rides on my back and messing the living room
63.i spend most of my time in the kitchen, sitting on my chair, eating crackers and talking to wife
64. i love my in-laws a lot
65.i work for a Gas company and i earn quite big bucks but i dunno why my account is always empty
66.i hate shopping but if ever go, i must buy the most expensive ones
67.i like Calvin Klein for the briefs
68.i like reading books, my favorites books are:divine comedy, paradise lost, Faust,LOTR and Harry Potter favorite movies: scar face, insomnia, heat and anything with that guy Al pacino
70.teenage mutant ninja turtles and the Simpsons are my life-time favorites hero is Michael angelo
72.i hate batman, superman, banana man, iron man and other ….-man, they’re so dumb
73.i can own my house after paying 14 more loans
74.i have an ATV, snow machine and Chevy
75.i hate motorcycles but i like cycling sometimes
76.i wear t-shirts and jeans most of the year
77.i hate going through old albums
78.i have a green thumb, leave your plant with me and it’s gonna be dead in an hour
79.i have more than 10 different cacti and no matter how cold it is, they’re still alive
80.i have a great sense of direction, all i need is a smart map that shows me where i am standing with a cross
81.i enjoy eating fruits, if someone peel it for me
82.i prefer orange cucumber and coconut
83.i suck my thumb when thinking
84.i’m a lefty
85.i hate smokers though i sometimes smoke
86.i hate eating vegetables
87.i avoid pork as much as possible, thinking about pigs’ life make me puke
88.i don’t play cards cos i can’t help myself not to gamble
89.i can play zither, guitar and a little bass but i hate drums & piano
90.i like playing and singing with my wife sitting by the side of river wife don’t let me own a guitar cos i give her headaches
92.i enjoy listening to anything metal favorite bands are Metallica, black sabbath, Kiss, Deep purple, slipknot, Korn, Queen,misfits and surely Marylin Manson
94.i was so jealous of my older brother as a kid, i still am!
95.for a while i thought i loved my granny more than my mom cos my mom was very strict granny was the first to know about my partners, once she asked if i could stay with the same girl for more than 2 weeks!
97.i worshiped my parents and mostly my dad, i always want to be a great dad like him dad never read me books, instead he made stories, the hero was a sheep called “bizhy-bizhy” who wetted his pants when he was frightened(zh like the “s” in measure.) he had a snake friend and later when he (& we) grew older he found himself a girlfriend. parents died in a car wreck in 1996
100.both my grandpas died in 1966, one died of cancer the other of heart-attack
101.i’m gonna die in 2026, so i have less than 20 years to live! (that’s too long!)
102.i was born in L.A. but i spent most of my life in New England , specially Boston
103i hated school so at 17 i went to university
104.i always enjoyed playing with little kids but i was afraid of having my own
105.i like to mess the house and let wife clean it
106.i always thought i was hell ugly but later i discovered i was wrong
107.i had quite many girl friends but almost all of them left when i switched to very depressive moods
108.none of my friends thought i would ever get married (so did i) first shag was at 15, it was such a horrible experience i didn’t try sex for nearly a year granny told me masturbation was a big sin and every time i did it , i would kill a kitten
111.the first time i heard about masturbation i had NFI, and i was sure i’d never done it but i did things that sounded so natural to me, later i knew the name
112. i was a real homo-phobic at school
113. the first time i felt something for a guy i cried all night
114. i can be extremely straight or fucking gay, so i must be bi wife is like a sister to me and our relation was never sex-based
116.i would be six feet under if i hadn’t met Meg. it’s horrible to live with a bipolar
117. i went to the coldest city in northern hemisphere for the honeymoon
118.not only me & my brothers have names starting with “K”; my mom and dad had names with “K” too. (shouldn’t i put a K-name on my daughter?)
119. i enjoy solving maths problems
120. i won’t trade my family with anything
121.if i could choose to be someone, i would be myself


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