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this is jus a quick note.
at last i got the permission from my wife. it’s not that i let her decide for me, i jus don’t want to risk my marriage cos i love my family.
so my caring friend who helped us a lot in our very hard time, had a crush on me. woaahh let’s feel proud of myself, am i that hot? i can’t wait to see mom-in-law’s face when hearing the news, she must be waiting with a rifle next time, but well why should she know?!
i think me and my bf (let’s call him J cos you gotta hear about him more) gotta talk more about likes and dislikes, i have my own limits cos my family comes first and i’m not that gay to file for divorce to get involved in a same-sex-marriage.
i’m sure about one thing, i’m glad he lives in a different city and i think he has to quit his second job as a call-boy if he wants me seriously, but i leave it up to him to decide.
ok let’s get back to work.
J’s gonna be here by Thursday night and he promised to buy Meg a pair of cool earrings on behalf of me.eerr that was supposed to be a surprise, ok babe, you’re surprised, ain’t you?

thing to ponder: i’m either manic or why am i so excited about this guy!



  1. You know you’re manic. Aren’t you??????

  2. I think the manic and being attracted to this guy might be two different things 😉 Good luck working things out – it sounds like you have your priorities right.

  3. hhhmm i guess i don’t 😉

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