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So our 2-day run-away that turned into a long unexpected 4-day vacation reached its end and we landed home one more times in one piece reminding me how much i hate planes!
in more than 6 weeks time we can see K300 that is a real “woaaahhhhh, Go King, gooooo”
for those illiterate non-Alaskan living beings :The Kuskokwim 300 sled dog race is all about old faces, new places and, of course, the $20,000 first-place prize.The K-300 will host its annual Camp-out Race on March 5th and 6th. Mushers and campers will start the race on Saturday at 11AM. The starting point will be announced on Thursday afternoon. Mushers will have a non-competitive run 50 miles up to the predetermined camping spot and will race back to Bethel on Sunday Morning. Campers are encouraged to come along. The race will have a $5,0000 purse with no entry fee for mushers. till now 21 mushers signed and surely I’m not among them cos not only i hate dogs to death, I’m afraid of braking ice too 😉
at the moment the temperature is about 21F with scattered snow shower so if this morning you didn’t find time for a quick shower, grab your shampoo & towel then jump outta the window and experience a pretty cold snow shower (don’t worry, it’s all dark outside and beside the wolves and wild dogs no one can see you bare )
since back, i’ve discovered a few yet very important facts that i try to explain in this post and the coming one.
1. i’ve been eating pizza for lunch and breakfast for 6 days, no i’m not complaining i still can eat pizza for the next week but the problem is “can you stop pouring so much pepper on my piece!?!? it makes my body itchy like hell!”
2. Bethel is a very small place compared to all the places i’ve lived till now but gotta confess there are mystical powers here that you can find nowhere else, so i love living here (& nope you’re not welcomed anymore, go get a hotel room for yourself, d’ahhhhh!)
3. this time next week is Meg’s birthday (see Honey, i still remember that day) and i wanna say i had a few romantic surprises that all were canceled for the reasons you know. as a result i haven’t bought anything yet and i doubt anything would be bought in a week time so any one with a free spare room can invite me for the next Thursday or i have to sleep outside in open air bbbrrrrr
on the funny side, Meg’s cousins have decided to join us to celebrate her birthday that means if i wanna sound like a good hubby i really have to get something, hhmm i need a very big wrapping for the sofa, it’s a good surprise and too big that i’m sure it makes those girls extremely green with envy!
4. i have found a new disease, you might not (read can’t) find it in any book cos i haven’t finished writing my article yet, when finished i’ll wait for my noble prize to arrive by post 🙂
lemme tell you about the symptoms, it’s very similar to B.D. (bipolar disorder) with all the manic and depressive episodes, but it doesn’t involve heavy drinking, drug abuse, money spree (it’s like shopping spree but you can waste your money on anything)…
no medicine including lithium and his brothers is prescribed so you gotta handle it on your own. the disease has no certain cause except living with a bipolar patient.
and i think Meg has it. whenever i feel 10 feet under the dumps, she enjoys her manic episodes jumping up and down the house, smiling and giving me courage; the episodes last as long as my depressive ones.
then when i try to enjoy my manic sessions, she cries hysterically, look sad, hate doing house work ….
as a result she neutralizes me and we look like an extremely crazy couple.
but seriously i’m hell worried, she’s unusually in very high spirit that i can’t understand though i’m not feeling so much depressed. i dunno whether it is her way to get rid of the memory of her horrible experience or she’s gone crazy.
ok i confess i have no idea how she should feel but as a mother she’s lost her little baby and had an operation so it’s really weird to have a big smile 24 hours, hanging out with friends, and tending to go back to work next week when she can have rest till the end of the month.
tell me she’s fine or i really have to feed her a bottle full of Prozac then tie her hands to bedpost.
errr no i don’t wanna poison her, i jus can’t understand how she can pretend so well as if nothing had happened?!?!?!


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