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he motioned his tongue in circles and tried to find a way to defeat her lively tongue, eating her  lustful lips, while one of his hands was exploring her body and the other was finding its way through the fabric cage on her body, but she was better and quicker, she’d freed his aching monster and she was trying to move their passion to another scale.
do you know the difference between making love and having sex? is there any difference? why should it be any difference when the result is the same, “seeds dumped in a hot cunt”
but there should be a difference cos we can fuck who ever we like but we can’t make love to anyone we meet.
i was talking to a friend the other day and while talking about very random things like the price of house in Washington to how often  i should change  the oil  of my 4wheel, till we got to Viagra, the power-up for a male.
he thought it just gives a good fuck and nothing more, he didn’t like it personally and tried to avoid it though many people expect him to have a beautiful hard-on whenever he gets outta his pants cos that’s his job.
some of his johns complaint about the stiffness and why he’s so soft. he has a simple explanation” let’s the passion get it hard”.
i have to admit he earns big bucks, surely more than me without paying tax and he has to work less hours while i have to pull the shit outta myself to fix things at the right time. i don’t like his way of living but his attitude is respectable. every one knows he does it for the money, so passion is really meaningless in his business but he wants to satisfy his clients.

let’s get back to a smaller scale, our own bedroom and our own spouse, how much we love the other side of ourselves, is it really the one who makes us feel better and some how the lost side of us or she/ he is jus a worthless fucking machine. are we fucking the hell outta each other every time or we’re making love?

a marriage, friendship, partnership… is not only to satisfy our earthly desires, we’re not created a fucking machine, so next time you get on your bed to have a good night, think about the reason you’re doing it, she’s not your fucking machine and she’s not a porno star that enjoys  your big hard cock every night, she’s  sacrificing  so you better make love to her and let her enjoy too.
*.a bit crazy i know but i haven’t blogged for 5 days and hhhmm i thought i better write about something new, besides posting in the future is a cool idea, i posted 21 crazy random posts, so bear with me but i promise to write whenever i find time.
**.the lithium is killing, i wanna give up.
***. this post was based on a real conversation and honestly i felt very ashamed of myself. but well i don’t have the fucking permission so i still have to wait for less than 3 months. please forgive my crazy posts, sometimes it’s the other head thinking not me 🙂 . too much pressure on me 🙄


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