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What is VoiceMask Pro:
When you are chatting with text over Internet, you are anonymous. But if you are talking with your voice over Internet, you are no longer anonymous. VoiceMask Pro can change your voice as your wish and even support background music for your conversation. Let’s keep your privacy and enjoy anonymous again.

  • Voice Changer Software enables you to change voice to man, woman, teen, baby, or whatever voice in realtime to disguise voice in voice chat and PC phone; Enhance voice quality for better sex appeal; Simulate people’s voices with the help of Voice Comparator; Create different voices for movies/audio clips; Customize voice, effect and format of music; Record from any sources; Work online/offline; Support mp3, wma, wav, ogg.
  • Offers support of an equalizer.
  • Allows you to add background music to your conversation.
  • Customizable skins are now available.
  • Supports NetMeeting,ICQ,PalTalk,Yahoo Messenger, CoolEdit and more!
  • Supports Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP!
  • High compatibility
    click here to download


  1. I’m not putting my voice on the internet for this reason…..I’ve got this Texas drawl that people love to make fun of. John Patrick is the only one on my blogroll other than family that have heard it. Even with a disguise I’m sure it would come through.

  2. yeah, right. and john Patrick must be a lucky guy who has the chance to laugh at you when feeling blue 🙂

  3. or i’d just use a sythesizer myself! LoL 😀

    i’d rather not let my voice be heard on the net though…

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