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Bipolar disorder is classified according to symptom severity as bipolar disorder I, bipolar disorder II, and cyclothymic disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Type I. Bipolar disorder type I is characterized by at least one manic episode, with or without major depression. With mania, either euphoria or irritability may mark the phase, and there are significant negative effects (such as sexual recklessness, excessive impulse shopping, sudden traveling) on a patients’ social life, work, or both. Untreated mania lasts at least a week or results in hospitalization. Typically, depressive episodes tend to last six to 12 months if untreated. However, untreated manic episodes last three to six months.

Hypomania and Bipolar Disorder Type II. Bipolar disorder type II is characterized by at least one episode of hypomania and at least one episode of major depression. With hypomania the symptoms of mania (euphoria or irritability) appear in milder forms and are of shorter duration. They do not affect social or work life as dramatically, and hospitalization is not generally required.

Cyclothymic Disorder. Cyclothymic disorder is not as severe as either bipolar disorder II or I, but the condition is more chronic. The disorder lasts at least two years, with single episodes persisting for more than two months. Cyclothymic disorder may be a precursor to full-blown bipolar disorder in some people or it may continue as a low-grade chronic condition.



  1. The pic is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. 😀

    Which ones of these types of bi-polar do you have? It has to suck the big one.

  2. yeah, really funny pic but i forgot to comment and thank the photographer 😦
    i’ve been put in group C that is “Rapid-Cycling” or “Cyclothymic” for nearly 9 years (i was a lucky boy)& surely that’s the reason i love chasing my own tail& running in circles 😉

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