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these are not really the questions any one asks someone with BD but if you look seriously and carefully you can see the symptoms there & these can be the answers you may get if you asks me when im enjoying my ups or downs. 🙂
here we go, fasten your seatbelt please or grab a pillow, we’re landing in the never land.

1. state your name and power:
A: a bipolar (countable cos you can have a basket fool of bipolars) and i can stay awake without getting tired.
depressive part:
2. do you wanna kill yourself?
A:yes, for sure. Can i?
…… yes, here’s the rifle, give it a try now….. BANG
3. imagine you’re in a dark room with lots of cockroaches, what do you do?
A: i cry
4. ok after crying, you’re given an insecticide, what do you ?
A: drink the whole ingredients
5. you can’t drink what’s inside, do something better like?
A: killing them?
6. yes, that’s right, now how do you feel?
A:omg, i killed those innocent creatures, im a murderer , im a worthless beast
7. do you wanna sleep?
A: no, it’s not time for bed, i may sleep a few hours tomorrow (or may be sleep for 10-12 hours)
8. ok, let’s have dinner, what do you wanna eat?
A: hhhmm, i want a big pizza, with 5 hamburgers, a big can of coke, then 8 ice-cream and a bottle of red wine. (or may be nothing)
an hour later 9. what are you doing?
A:nothing, im thinking of my sad life, jus wanna end it.
10. let’s try to do something, wanna answer some random questions?
A:ok….. (2 hours later, still trying to figure out the first question) I’m tired.
11. do you wanna do something else?
A: no, i have a terrible headache and there’s this killing pain in my back, can i go out and die?
12. hhhmmm do you wanna watch porno?
A:noooo, go to hell
Manic part:
13. do you wanna kill yourself?
A: no way, i’m the center of universe, people should worship me.
14.imagine you’re in a dark room with lots of cockroaches, what do you do?
A: i wanna kill ’em all, kick ’em, jump on them, hit them, they must be dead.
15. do you wanna go out?
A: yes, let’s go hiking, then we can jump down the cliffs, may be swimming won’t be bad, then we can have tones of wine both drinking and swimming, eerrr, what was i saying? aha i wanna buy a big house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, i wanna have parties, there’s this big restaurant in the corner of the street, you gotta try the wine. i have a friend that can give you weed and crystal but i prefer X and hero, may i light a cigarette? then we can meet some girls, i know some hot escorts and johns, they’re not really expensive, i wanna watch an action movie too, then go to disco and dance till tomorrow morning, i have to go to university too, i haven’t done…….. hey why don’t you play cards with me….
16. ok, ok , we’re gonna do whatever you like, slow down, … do you have bank account & credit card?
A: eerrrr , hhhmm, weeeellllll, i have a credit card, i have visa but nothing is left in it and my bank account is blocked cos wellll i spent a bit more than i could.
17. can you answer these questions, i wanna get you a drink.
A: ok, fill my mug too. (half an hour later, the questions are done and he’s moving up and down the place peeping into anything he can find)
18. i have some friends who wanna meet you, what do you think about gang bang?
A: woaaahhh,where are they?

*. this post is the result of meeting a new doc today,i got my Eskalith with Depakote and for the antidepressants i got Prozac, Luvox &Zoloft. ain’t i lucky 🙂



  1. @happychick: ok take the rifle, i watch you as you die 🙂

  2. Hey man noooo if you die then who will read rumplestiltskin to Alex?? Exactly. So technically, if you’re any kind of Dad (and i know you are) you’ll not be selfish enough to kill yourself. So ha! hang in there. email me! 🙂

  3. hmmm…

    sounds really familiar to me?!

    this is what i think keith, there’s a ‘bipolar’ in every one of us. it just so happens there are a few who’s being that are way higher than the usual! 😉

  4. eerr, yep we all have bad days and good days but if you really like killing yourself as often as i do, you really have to visit a doc, it’s not usual 😦

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