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quote of the day:”People are like tea bags… you never know how strong they are until you drop them in hot water.” Nancy Reagan
it’s another cold winter night, the temperature’s about -28F, the sky is clear, i have finished my dinner and now i don’t have much to do, so priest come closer and listen to my confession
1. i hate this cold place, i dream of tropical islands with big warm pools every night
2. i listened to my little baby’s heartbeat yesterday and i think i love her a lot but well i still have to wait 3 more months 😦
3. it’s a year since the time i converted to Islam, i was sure i’d change my name to something better by this time, now with all these crazy policies, i’m sure i love my name
4. tomorrow i have an appointment with a new doc that means i’ve made my mind to take my medicine regularly, though i’m sure it wont help me much to avoid so many blue feelings, at least i wont sound too suicidal.
5. i watched cypher tonight but couldn’t see any reason for the foolish ending, may be i better watch James Bond next time
6. i love ice-cream so living in Alaska and being sick can’t prevent me from buying and eating it
7. i think i have to attend in an English grammar class, beside the fact that i have Alzheimer’s and forget words.
8. i wanna tag myself and tell something you surely don’t know, i still sleep with my fluffy toy that is not a teddy bear but a dog.
9. i hate brushing my teeth at nights and shaving in the mornings
10. in someone’s blog (don’t remember where) i saw a funny tag, it said:” grab the nearest book, open to page 123, find the fifth line and write 3 lines from there, so here’s mine:”at the molding stage, the mold cavity can be enlarged by excessive rapping in pattern withdrawal, whilst local discrepancies can result from manual patching. Low green strength and soft ramming can produce sagging….”
from” introduction to foundry technology” by Ekey, D.C.; Winter,W.P.

*. i wanted to show you my pic but hhmmm seem this foolish wp wanna fuck with me again
**. my lovely wife was hell tired of her manic depressive husband so i decided to stop acting like a real jerkass, admit to my problem that is a life time disease and do something for my own sake, so if tomorrow you saw a very erotic post, blame it on the pills. (fyi: on random occasions i write crazy erotic stories and some people found them interesting but i promise not to post it here
***. this is supposed to be my confession post so i can’t think of anything relevant to the title 😉



  1. hmmmm….

    manic-depressives, bipolars, OCDs and other so-called people were the ones who made great impression throughout human history… 🙂

    it comes with the talent keith, take it or leave it! LoL 😉

    (don’t know if what i said above was meant to cheer you or myself, hell i said it anyway!)

  2. oohhhh, so i must be the center of the world, let’s make history.
    eerrr, what should i do for the start, i don’t really have any talent 😉

    “don’t know if what i said above was meant to cheer you or myself”=> take your pills girl, now i understand why you have so much problem with expressing and not expressing your sexual desires 😆

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