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quote: i dont exaggerate, i see big. (don’t remember who said it)

So the chicken put on his skates and crossed the frozen river safely.

now i wanna go to work but who cares!!!

it’s so funny when you start thinking this year gonna be different, you won’t feel down in the dumps again, shit won’t happen to you anymore, but when you’re the shit nothing and no one can help you.So

Ain’t gonna waste my hate on you
I think I’ll keep it for myself



  1. “I hate listening to silence aloud”

    –> totally feel the same!

  2. @mayang: so you’ve been dead and suddenly woke up for the new year, i’m glad you’re back 🙂

  3. How’s things with you? Hope the holiday was good and that things are looking up and you’re not on a suicide mission again.

  4. @babelfish: things are fine, the holiday was great being spent mostly in bed cos of cold and im going on another mission this time but well like any other person of my kind, i stay in the dumps every now and then 🙂

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