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i finished watching this

now im thinking how would i act if they’d have wanted to hang me instead. would i look  calm, struggle or what?

at last i found the answer. if i were in depressive mood i wouldn’t resist at all, even im gonna thank them for their help to end my shitty life without the “suicide” label; but if i were in manic mood, im gonna kill’em all 🙂



  1. Whoa, the commenting box is so far down the page… I agree with you, he probably just want to end the suffering and glad of the help.

  2. I can’t bring myself to watch it. It makes me feel kind of sick to think about how many people are searching for that video. Why would someone want to watch?

    I saw the still pictures in the newspaper (not through choice, they were inside when I opened it up) it made me kinda sad. I understand why they wanted him to hang but to me it still feels wrong.

    He commited horrible crimes. He deserved to be punished and more than that the people in his region deserve to be protected from him.

    But for “us” to kill. Feels like vengance more than justice.

    I wonder if the drugged him? I would be in bits if I was on the way to my death (unless I felt suicidal). Would they offer him a few valium to numb the fear? Or did he truly believe he was going someplace better.

    Who knows…

  3. Why should everyone see his video? Let him die in peace.
    I feel sorry for him.

    PS: I like the yer new template and the picture of aurora borealis.

  4. @bablefish:yeah the comment box is so down but wtf, i like this template 🙂 and do you mean Saddam was bipolar too? omfg then! 🙂
    @puddlejumper:i agree with you, i didn’t want to watch those videos i jus logged into my blog and it was on the first page, i clicked, let it load, watched the few seconds and switched to another page.
    i thought he should be hung for all his murders but now im not really sure, i couldn’t understand the reason why some people cheered but i know one thing, i can never convict some one to death, that’s it.
    @rinnie:skipping the first part, you better stop complaining cos it was you who told me better stop cut-pasting and write my own thoughts, right?!

  5. i thought that they were also going to show the hanging per se! lol (morbid!)

    yea, i think that he is in a way, thankful that his hardships will at last, come to an end. dont you think?

  6. i dunno if i think or not 🙂

  7. ‘he’ may have been a tyrant but he never deserved to die like that! nobody ever does…

    what a sad, sad world we are in (so full of anger)… 😦

    may his soul rest…

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