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happy new year,

im back and i have nothing much to say.

i dunno why people think there must be a big change in their lives as they step to another new year, it’s all SSDD (same shit, different day).

it’s been pretty cold here reaching round -20f so im enjoying the many times i sleep in the warm fridge.

for a change i let you view the icy hell i live in.

wish you lotta nightmares for the new year

Icy Beanstalk


  1. Same Shit Different Year… Gosh, get it right!
    Hope you had a marvellous New Year, just think- I’ll be 16 in October!!
    Haha have a good one, xx

  2. a marvellous new year??!! i dont call a whole day sleeping and sneezing anything beautiful 🙂
    btw i’m gonna be 27 in december hihihihi

  3. Thank you very much for your well-wishes for this year, you are so thoughtful. Does 2007 sound futuristic to you? Happy NY anyway…

  4. Makes me feel a little bit better about the slightly-warmer-than-yours icy hell I live in.

  5. to all, happy new year and do i really look like that thoughtful? hhhmmm though it’s cold here i can still think of lotta wonderful wishes 🙂

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