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there’s no reason to understand what they say
been hanging about with some non-native ( i mean non-English speakers) lately, i realized it’s hard for them to understand British English and American English at the same time. the fact they’re not aware of is that it’s the same for natives (or at least me) every time i meet a Briton or i get involved in a horrible conversation with these guys, i cant avoid using “pardon, sorry …..” every now and then cos there are many words that sound similar to my ears but i don’t know the meaning.
happychick has a brilliant point of view on this. she thinks it’s not wise to call American language as “American English” cos only people living in england speak English and as far as i’m not British i speak American, then people living in Canada speak Canadian, people living in Aussie land speak Australian blah blah blah……….
and I’m so glad i was born in the Yankee land cos i don’t call my mom “mummy” and my dad “dummy”………..
i need an Australian-American dictionary, can anyone get me one for Christmas?


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  1. no way! why should i? im not exagerating but telling the truth 😉
    so you call santa ” dad christmas”?
    hhhmm strange, but well what’s the meaning of santa claus, aha i remembered it was saint nicholas; i think britons call him, father christmas, but you better ask!
    are you really scared of me? eerrr so im gonna haunt you in a day or two!

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