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so christmas is coming and this year i dont have to wait for the snow, it’s been snowing here for a while. actually today temperature dropped to zero so i dare to say fridge is a lot warmer than outside.

i havent bought anything for my wife, but i thought of a few good things, cant mention it here. you nosey little angel i wont let you know what you’re gonna have for christmas till the time comes so stop peeping here (sticking my tongue out!)

i dont have much time left, jus a week, no tree yet but gotta find one soon, may be i can make my own tree outta ice and im sure it wont be a bad idea.

let’s not talk about turkey cos we have invited ourselves to my in-laws place and so i dont have to worry for that big ugly bald hen. 🙂

Santa claus find his way to Hooper bay this tuesday, i wasnt much happy cos he refused to gimme a room in a 5star hotel in hawaii, so im not gonna miss him till next year but im gonna love all the gifts he gives me im gonna sell them and become millionaire 😉

i was thinking about christmas the other day and the so many new year resolution i have to made. but suddenly i realized i dont have any reason to celebrate jesus-mas, im not christian any more but well it’s a good holiday 🙂

so near year resolutions:

1. stop being an asshole(this is unpossible cos i had this on many previous NYR too)

2. stop bugging my wife (errr i try but cant promise)

3. teach many good words to alexis cos im sure this time next year she’s gonna talk non-stop

4. start reading my books, there are many of them and i dont have much time and i really wanna go back to university to finish my master’s

5. earn more bucks (this is a wish)

6. stop wasting so many hours in cyberspace, i have responsibilities to take care of.

7. go whale hunting, i reall love trying this next year but i gotta save some bucks cos i cant hunt any big fish in kuskokwim river

8. that’s all for now,im gonna think about the rest later and yes i wanna try to be a good dad & get outta this icy hell asap.



  1. it’s good that as early as now, you already have your new year’s resolutions 🙂

  2. I’m not sure I like your resolution of not spending so much time in cyberspace. I’m not spending much time either, but its cause I’m always working.

  3. @ralph: not as good as you think
    @sandra: may be you dont like but it looks so true about you and a little true about me

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