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“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live
without you.”– Winnie the Pooh
everything indicates that we’re gonna have some ice here and there again but no snow. Ok it’s 10F, that’s pretty good news cos it’s been so warm i thought it was Hawaii. let’s pray for the snow cos i wanna make another snowman.
santa’s doing fine, wrapping all those stupid gifts you asked, he’s gonna hand ’em himself (as usual) cos he never trusted US mail service 🙂
but you better stop writing to me instead of santa, i dont talk to him cos he gave me nothing for my b’day, stingy ol’ man. uggghhh
i named last Friday as bloody Friday, nope it was jus a fine Friday, kinda great. i was waken up sometime after midnight by a cold liquid running down my nose, fuck it, my nose was bleeding for no logical reason, i had to run to the bathroom, finished in a few seconds, it jus wanted to wake me, Meg and Alexis up ( i tried not to wake anyone but a little spark can wake Alexis up cos she’s uber-sensitive). I’m sure it was Meg pickin into my nose, who else did it?
later at work i cut my finger with a tiny polishing stuff, a little superficial wound, fuck it, this one bled for several minutes till i moved my lazy ass to find a band-aid.
later in the evening we had a basketball game against some other village, a friendly one, it was really friendly that they shot me instead of the ball, i enjoyed the backache all saturday not goin to work (yippee). it was a good game, we lost by 16 points (66-82), i was better than expected (by myself of course) jus scoring 7 points, well nobody wanted me to score, im jus a good runner and considerin the fact that im a little shorter than 5′ 10″, not really made for this game, so i had to block their fastest player, thanks God it worked or we’d lost by more than 30 points, they were fucking big (compare with me-not even 140lb) and fast.
conclusion: i’d better climb up trees, rocks…. than palying with that orange and white ball.
i wanted to show you my b’day cake, it didnt burn but a bit raw 🙂 but so yummy. BUT cant upload it, dunno why. may be later….
the moon’s shining and im out again, looking for a lost guy, not to bite but to help.
giving him a shelter, i can eat him tomorrow …..
life looks better than this time last week, thanks God for so many blessings. but if you add more passion and love things gonna look better, dont yo think so?
PS: what happened to Chelsea vs Arsenal match? anybody watched the game?



  1. Glad things are better honey. Love like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. eerr jus checking some comment and you’re absolutely right, im gonna remember it 🙂

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