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  • 1pm,7th December 1980, L.A., Ca.

a cold snowy day, a cry of baby and smile of a crowd.

7pm,7th  December 2006, Bethel,Ak.

a cold day, a little snow here and there, a cry of baby, a weeping dad.

congratulation to my parents for introducing one of the craziest creatures of this world, yeah it’s me. happy birthday keith. 🙂

let’s blow the candles! one two three……………..

mother fucker whydya turn the lights off?

26 years passed since the time i stepped on this planet, woaaahh so long, it sounds ages to me. i wished my life was over by my 25th birthday, nothing happened, so im still polluting the air, burning fuel, eating food and destroying this planet. i’ve brought smile on many faces and made lotta people cry. i’ve cried for the people i loved and lost and i’ve smiles meeting new people-to brighten up my life some how-.

now im here, starting another year, to be honest the previous year was one of the best years of my life. im still hopeful, i wanna see better years.

so lemme blow the fake candles, lemme smile one moretime and pretend nothing happened. i still have many days to see, yet i have to be ready to leave any moment.

so better live as if there’s jus a minute left and enjoy moments as if there’s no tomorrow.

life sucks but not always. some times terrible things happen but may be it’s jus for a lesson we should learn. i believe even in the saddest moment of our lives, there’s a little tiny thing we can smile at.(stupid me forgot this important fact).

so today’s a new start, a new time to born, let’s explore this world with babies’ eyes.  let’s smile to sorrow so it fades away.

well there’s no party this year, but a little cake for me, meg and alexis is more than enough.

so let’s shake these chains off, i wanna be wild and free, i wanna smile with the little angel God gave me, i wanna share my dreams with my sweet-heart one more time. nothing happened, not here, not to me, do you remember me saying anything? 😉

  • birthday joke:Kid Bits

A little girl had just finished her first week of school.
“I’m wasting my time,” she said to her mother.
“I can’t read, I can’t write – and they won’t let me talk!”

  • word of the day:” don’t use word to describe your situations but use word to change your situation”
  • note: the attached pic is obviously me but i was too lazy to scan them so i jus used my cellphone, you cant see much for sure, but i was really cute, wasnt i?(to younger ones: yes i am that old that we didnt have a digital camera to take pics 😉 )
  • caution: big thanks and a big hug and a big sexy kiss (performed by the polar bear) to all my great friends who called, smsed,vmsed,mailed,commented….. and reminded me of my birthday, thanks 🙂

ok gotta go or my birthday cake will be burnt.



  1. happy b’day Keith..
    nice pic 🙂

  2. happy birthday! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Keith, they are cute pictures indeed! congrats on realising life doesn’t always suck.

  4. Happiness comes in bits and pieces every single day. If you’re not there you miss it.

  5. @ rinnie: :-*
    ralph: thanks, and welcome
    @babelfish: thanks & yo’re right
    @ sandra: yes, but guess i was away!

  6. happy birthday keith!!

  7. Just want to thank you for keeping at this and say how much I appreciate your clear and comprehensive comments. I missed the Richmond connection in the original Nation article. Really do hope and expect that someday soon we’ll be reading your work, or something comperable, in the RTD. In the meantime, I’m glad we can read it here.

  8. actually i didnt understand your comment properly, you sounded so much like spams but well thanks for stopping 😉

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