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i dunno how i feel or how i should feel and i dont wanna write about what’s goin on in the place i live cos of personal securities (jus realized im not as anonymous as i thought).

jus a general update:

  1. some of our friends and my in-laws decided to keep alexis away from her wonderful parents for a week cos none of us was good enough to take care of her, wtf!
  2. we have a one week ultimatum to decide what we really wanna do.  so we better be quick.
  3. i have talked, listened and cried more than you can imagine, im fed up!
  4. nothing more to say, gotta talk for another 6 days, i need the energy!


  •  i dont think i wanna update here till we get to some serious decisions.
  • this coming thursday’s my birthday, who cares but well happy birthday keith, wish you weren’t born!
  • the attached pic is meg’s gift to me, it was supposed to be my surprise but i found ’em last week. fyi: those are cacti, yes i know where i live but i love them a lot!
  • thanks for tolerating an ignoranus* like moi 🙂

*:for the meaning check sandra’s blog! (



  1. Happy birthday Keith! And thanks for the reference. 😀

  2. happy birthday in advance boy! 😀

    thanks for the late greetings! LoL 😉

  3. @ sandra: thanks :-*
    @ mayang: thq, happy birthday again 😉
    @ cri: yep, well the truth sucks!

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