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all my life i thought love is the most important thing in a marriage, if you have love , you have everything.

conclusion: im wrong again. it’s so funny that one day you wake up realizing there’s something big missing in your life, in your heart.

i thought i was happy, may be i was, may be not, i dunno anymore. but i know one thing, i love meg and she loves me( a lot) and it’s annoying how we’re running away from each other, when ever im home she’s not and whenever she wanna come home earlier, i find a reason to go out; it’s jus a bed we share and well a baby.

im selfish, im mean, im crazy but if the divorce thing got final, i wanna have alexis and i try my best to have her and i dont fucking care what’s best for her.

alas why i sound so much like a shit, i knew this birthday could never be any better than last year, it was fake, jus a mirage of one happy family.

meg i hope you read this, i really dont wanna put an end to this promise we made together, sharing happiness and sadness, didnt we swear? we have a lot to share.

ok i made mistake, im silly, im shit, im useless, but let’s give each other another chance. i dont want this life without you, alexis and the one coming soon, she wanna have a happy family, she has the right to have it, right?

please dont leamme alone in the playground, i cant play on my own.

i pray to lord we can find a U-turn cos i dont really want my dream land be destroyed, vanished this easily.

God where did i take the wrong turn? i cant believe im on top of the cliff again



  1. Trust me, a divorce destroys everything. How about going for marriage counselling? Talk talk talk until you can’t anymore, please try and work this out.

  2. Divorce sucks the big one

  3. @ babelfish: yes the divorce is one of the solutions but not the best, ridiculously every one’s tryin to advise us and make us talk, been talking all day long, it’s enough for today-i guess-.
    @ sandra: yes sure, but you’re experienced, at the moment we’re on a tight schedule of “talk talk talk” but if things got worse, guess you can help me, right? (but better pray things get better. 😦
    @ mr angry: never thought about love like this, seems i was wrong my whole life that is nothing new. but thanks for the explanation, i really needed that.
    @ rinnie: keep on prayin sis cos i need it a lot, but your mail was worse, it made me cry, dammed!
    to all, thanks a million times, love you all :-*

  4. The thing is, “love” is subjective – it isn’t an objective reality that can be defined. The sad fact is that what you see as love and what you want from love is not necessarily the same as someone else – even the person closest to you.

  5. yer posting’s really touchy. Hope she reads it. I pray that you’ll find the way out. 🙂

  6. some people have all the love in the world but still need and want more…

    that’s just a thought… 😉

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