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it’s simple, there’s an end to every fairy tale and not all end in “lived happily ever after”


been surfing through net, downloading forms and reading a lot of “how to do”.

wish i could find a way out, but seems at least i could find some good links,this and this



  1. You’re not really divorcing are you, hellboy? I should hope not or I’ma have to come down (up?across?) to Aalska and biatch-slap you back to Australia. kk?

  2. fuck it cos this time things looks fuckin serious.
    well alaska’s Up but you can go down to south pole then continue your way down to get to north.
    slap me, shoot me but dont take me to australia cant stand the weather & accent.

  3. i try, well i should. jus need a way out, if only i knew how

  4. Oh no, I haven’t commented on your blog for some time and this happens? Please consider carefully especially for the little kids’ sake.

  5. ok i will

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