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first of all gotta thank range, it’s been a while i wanted to write about what some people wear but jus wasnt in the mood.
i live in a place that as a guy you cant see much of beauties cos it’s so dammed cold and there’s no bar here, besides it’s kinda different from other part of the states, they have their own traditions. but recently i met a gal that to my view was really desperate.
i was playing basketball the other day, it was me and the ball and the ring infronna me, i was quite mad at myself and i was trying to get rid of my anger by banging the ball against the ring when a gal stopped me, she asked me a very silly question. “is it fine to wear whatever we like here?” it took me a while to analyze what i heard, it sounded really silly, who cares about what i wear while playing, so i answered like wise guys:” yes it is, it jus gotta be decent”
then she asked:’whatdya call decent?” me:”????? decent is eeerrrr decent, something you can…………. dammed me, my eyes got fixed on what she was wearing, cant describe it very well cos i dunno what i should call it, it was like a very tight top, better say a crop top, with a very loose  neck, something like polo neck, not really bad at first sight, but when she moved a bit the neck fell apart and then you could see things that were shown intentionally, it took me a while to realize she wasnt wearin any bra, nice boobs to be honest but she wasnt showin them to the right guy cos i jus shook my head and went to the other ring to blast my anger.
normally i shouldnt complain about what teens wear, the more i can see, the happier i am NOT, sometimes i feel pity for them, wearing such tight jeans that cant cover half of their asses, a baby shirt that even alexis doesnt wanna wear cos it’s too small and such uncomfortable boots, is it worth the trouble, i wonder.
younger generation can find a decent clothing themselves if bitches like britney, paris, yada yada yada stop fuckin with their minds, i was never much interested in the fashion things, but to be honest i sometimes like wearing tight things, it’s not really indecent for guys, i jus gotta keep my pants on and that’s enough, besides im quite skinny and not many people like watching a skeleton walking in the streets 😉
may be it doesnt look relevant in the first place but in many religions it’s a must to cover some parts of the body, thinking deep it makes sense very well. not only nobody likes to see extra fat of someone else’s cos not every one’s a model but things can be much better if well-shaped girls dont show thier boobs and cunts to tom, dick and harry. may be some says if women (&men) cover themselves it makes the opposite sex greedier, but it’s not true, if it was then why there’s always a high demand for new porn stars. human is a greedy creature, he wants everything and there’s no end to his greed, the more he gets, the more he wants. sex is not a vital need,you can never satisfy it, you can eat 1-2 pizza and then you cant have the 3rd one but it’s not really true aout having sex.
so if i met a decent woman and i think dirty of her ; it’s my problem, i have to fuck my head with a washing machine. even a wise dirty man knows he shouldnt flirt with such a woman.
conclusion: i dont say women should veil or even cover their hair, but there are more to cover first. if i see less i wont get tired of my own wife soon, hey wait, im not tired of my wife, dont look at me like that 🙂
aha and it wont be bad if guys dont go out in jus shorts, it’s ok but jus think about the fags, it may give them hard-ons hihihihi



  1. yes right but im not interested 😉 better DIY!

  2. DIY: do it yourself 🙂

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