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updated some how!!!!!

1. sorry, i really needed a more detailed post but i was hell angry, upset and in a hurry. so i completed my previous post , hope forgiven 🙂


shit happens again and again, like a loop.

been dreaming of climbing mt(mount) Devils thumb all my life, every year something happened to prevent me, again this year the same shit happened, i gotta be here round 7-8 decmber cos they fucking need me for a bloody meeting, wtf!

i still have a little hope, jus imagine i could be there standing on top of that bitch (not too high cos i have climbed higher mountains but a real challenge!) on my birthday.

well it’s a dream, jus a dream, i put …… instead of the name cos i know meg gonna kill me for even thinkin of it, ok now she knows what the hell’s goin on my mind 🙂

to the only one: dont worry babe, God’s listening to you 7/24, again postponed but i promise to climb it once!

@bablefish: hope understood what i meant

@sandra: thanks a lot for remindin me how it sucks

@rinnie: always to hell but well not till the end of the coming week

@cri: read above again, sorry for the deleted parts 🙂 



  1. Dreaming of mt? what’s that?

  2. that sucks 😦

  3. where are you going?

  4. a’aaa… you cannot go to that place in 7 Dec! You know the reason, maybe that’s the reason that Meg not allowed you to go there..

  5. thanks for remindin, i know what a hell i wanna do with that day. but dont worry, my last attempts ended to no where 😦

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