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taluyaq isssss the traditional fish trap. that’s it

but no i dont wanna go fishin, im packin

well not now, on wednsday

yeah it’s thanks giving & im headin east & a bit south to get to bean town, i really wanted to leave my demons here but they’re comin with moi, uuuggghhh.

so i wanna make a taluyaq, well yes may be i ask someone to make it for me, i wanna put alex there so she stops roamin around.

i wonder if anyone give awards to responsible dads, i know im gonna win, jus show me where to sign 🙂

PS: since i’ve been writin about some serious things, i better get back to normal life, i mean personal life blogging!



  1. Put Alex in the fishing trap? genius! (sorry I haven’t commented on your last few posts, too much reading) 🙂 Have a good thanksgiving.

  2. cri, i guess it’s too small for the demons, but kids gonna love it.
    @babelfish, so alive? thanks, do you wanna have one? but well no you dont have any kids.
    sorry for posting too much, im gonna ask foryour permission next time 🙂

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