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Snowmachiners and four-wheelers are whining behind cars and trucks in the Western Alaska city of Bethel, thanks to a new ordinance letting them travel on city streets.
Proponents say it will save gas money during a time of painfully high prices.
But the police chief is bracing for bloodier accidents. The local hospital is warning open-air motorists in the city of 6,000 to don helmets.
Rumbling icons of village life, snowmachines and all-terrain vehicles are used for everything from hunting caribou to hauling fuel to taxiing passengers to airstrips. But Bethel, unlike comparable Bush communities in Western Alaska, hasn’t allowed them on roads for years.

i dont care much about the accident at the moment but honestly some rules are not applicable here, it’s alaska believe me!
im jus wondering people living in texas use snow machines too?!?!



  1. You’re shitting me right? We have one storm a year that has frozen precipitation. Usually a week maximum of ice. Rarely ever any snow. Last year we had 80 degree temperature in December. This winter is supposed to be somewhat colder than THAT, but warmer than usual. It is not unusual so see a member of my family running around in shorts any time of the year.

  2. not that much but a bit cos im jealous of the hot weather there:-)
    yes i wanna go out in shorts, i can do it but guess something really bad gonna happen to moi

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