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guess this post gonna be jus one 🙂
once upon a time a creature stepped on a planet called earth, he learned to survive, he looked for shelter, he looked for things to cover his body & he looked for edible things. so he grew up.
some times later he wasnt alone anymore, there were many of them on the so called planet, life sounded easier but still many challenges & hard to survive. he learned to hunt other creatures for more food & he killed wild creatures that wanted to eat him.
the life went on, more humans, more shelters, plenty of food and many new things to find to live better. but human was greedy, he saw other humans had things he didnt have so he had to do something, he started trading.
and life improved but human was still greedy & there were things other human didnt want to trade so he thought of stealing those things, even he killed other humans to have the things he hadnt…………..
and now it’s the 21st century, the planet earth is full of humans, though he looks different and he learned to rule, to enslave & use resources and powers, he’s as greedy as ever and he’s the same creature with the same basic needs and he’s lonely.
so from the time he opens his eyes to this life and smiles to the world he wants to have everything but first he has to learn many things.
his parents love him so he learns to hate.
he starts talking so he learns to lie.
he’s given many things, he learns to take.
other humans share their toys with him, he learns to want everything for himself.
people trade with him, he learns to steal.
people give him peace, he learns to fight.
God heals his diseases, he learns to kill.
he sees everything, he watches carefully, listens, senses, tastes, smells & learns new things. he’s greedy, he wants everything be his, he wants everyone to obey him so he tries his best to gain what he wants and he doesnt think that not everything is worth the trouble.
and he goes on. he goes to school and communicate with other humans, he learns new things but doesnt want others to learn too so he hides his books, he hates his classmates.
he grows up, and he has lots of new things to discover but he has no time to waste, he wants everything quick.
so he asks for the help of his worst enemy & he gives him everything, the same way he gave to his ancestors.
so he kills, he steals, he lies, he rapes, he teases others. he’s the best and he’s lonely.
when the night falls he fears darkness cos it’s like his soul.
he needs someone to talk to but there’s no one left.
he wants to cry but he forgot how to do it.
and he’s lonely though he has many things.

it’s so funny, we play unfair & then shout “why is this wolrd  so unfair to us”.
we hate others and want them to love us.
we lie and expect others to be honest.
we hide under whatever we find cos we’re afraid of our real nature.
we draw borders, we make barriers and we still have no idea why we act like that.
we’re lonely but we dunno how to find friends.
we spend ours thinking and worrying about unimportant things and we grow old. suddenly we realize we have nothing, jus wasted our lives.
it’s foolish how desperate we feel many times. we’re always looking for new masks & call others ugly cos we’re afraid to take a look in the mirror.
we’re lost in sins, we’re going to nowhere & still insist of man made barriers.
what’s the difference between men and women; black and white; american and mexican; young and old ; muslim and jew ; poor and rich ; literate and illiterate ?
who gave us the right to judge people by so many stupid things? why should i be better than you, or that guy better than me?
i have no right to think like that. im no better than a black illiterate poor african woman who’s tryin her best to find something edible for her kids, in fact she’s much better than me, she’s a responsible mother.

we’re living in contrast, it’s driving us crazy but we still play by the same ol rules. we do horrible things in outernet and then try to make a better life in cyberspace.
i have no reason to lie in cyberspace, but everyone knows most of the times we’re not the one we’re claiming to be, we wanna look nice, we wanna look better, we wanna be the one we love to be.

i dont fucking care about those fuckwits who play dirty in the net and surely in real life, they’re doomed to be miserable, may be they dont know, may be they think they’re winnig something, well indeed they are winning a free one way ticket to hell.

but let’s talk about ordinary humans, let’s talk about myself. let’s talk about addictions, internet, alcohol, drugs……… let’s talk about barriers.

i put many barriers in my life to be honest, a young caucasian guy, not too bad for the start, im american, sounds better, i have my own job, family, gonna have my own house in 2 years time, im jus 25 (well gonna be 26 soon, so prepare for my birthday!). i have many things that hundreds of people dream of it, but there are many times i feel miserable, i feel lonely and i hate myself and i hate the barriers that gave me the right to be proud of the things i have.
and im a human living in this big unfair world & yes im cheating, i dont like to play fair cos im afraid of losing.
but let’s be honest to ourselves at least, jus once, jus a second. try to love unintentinally, try to think there’s no difference between man and woman; young and old; black and white, all races are the same, Our creator loves us the same way so why shoul i – a poor helpless creature- think im better. i know it’s hard, it truly is but let’s try to look differently, we’re judged by our deeds not by how we look or what we own.
imagine the world wihout war, people using the same language, politicians dont fuck with our lives the way they like, think of the world that you dont have to worry about not having enough money, think of a better life that we can have if we stop disliking others. then waiting for a savior or whatever other word makes sense.

PS: i swear this wasnt the thing i wanted to write but well i du



  1. I cannot believe my bro write this…?

  2. but why not?

  3. yes i know, im more like “do as i say, not as i do” myself, but at least we can think of it.
    there’s a simple rule. if i like your writing, there must be something in you that i can love even you’re a real jerkass or you have a great imagination 🙂

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