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have you ever thought about places that never has snow. it’s horrible from my pointa view. almost my whole life i lived in places that had 4 seasons, even here in Ak.  though im near north pole i can still feel the 4 seasons (but summers are really short & winters are hell long).

the other day while chatting with a friend living some where so hot (tropical i mean -0 degree) he asked me about snowman cos i was talking about the cold weather (14F now) & snow.

i dont remember the exact words but he asked me something i never thought of.

first i had to explain what snowman is, for those who dunno better check here, then he asked why we build it.


honestly i didnt know the answer & i didnt think he was serious, but when he compared it with scarecrow, i got the point.


all these years with the first snow(not always with the 1st hihihi) i made my own snowman & i always made it for fun (not yet made any this year, waitin for a big snow to make alexis’ first snowman)

yes snowmen are not made to frighten any bird but i thought of some uses for them.

snowman can be

  1. used as pet dog, it can watch your house while away cos it’s always there & nobody can move it by any means
  2. used as a fridge, make a hole in the stomach & put your favorite food there
  3.  used as gf-bf for desperate people who cant find dates
  4. your futre psychiatrist, you can talk for hours without being charged a red dime
  5. the reason to take a few days off work, if you hug him/her, you’ll catch cold.
  6. and you can kill him to get rid of your anger

you can also teach your snowman to do the followings:

  1. wake you up in the mornings by throwin snowballs at your window
  2. making you breakfast while you’re enjoyin yer additional sleeping time
  3. watch yer baby girl while you’re playin with yer puter (pretendin to be busy to avoid someone’s nags-should i mention who?!)
  4. talk the inuit language (cos you cant do it yourself)
  5. wash the dishes, do the laundry
  6. ironin your clothes
  7. kickin the ass of all the jerkasses around
  8. pee near neighbor’s door(the same thing done by his dog)
  9. frighten kids so they wont knock on yer door & ask you to help them with their homework
  10. go to work instead of you

but be careful when facing she-snowman, he might fall in love & then find some privacy & do the forbidden touch & make lotta baby snowmen. so ask him to use cellphone every hour to make sure he’s gonna be infertile.

more uses will be available after the next snow, now i gotta make myself some coffee cos i dont have a pet snowman yet



  1. Yes I do feel sorry for people in the tropics where it is summer all year round. How annoying to have constant heat and not the beauty of the 4 seasons. Still, they get used to it. Maybe the best way is to get away every so often…thanks for your ideas for snowmen usage, we haven’t had heavy snow over here for some time.

  2. but livin in tropical places has its own advantages, weird animals, big forests….., it’s not nice at all to have snow so much as well.
    & well not much heavy snow yet, but there’d be lot, jus gotta wait 🙂

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