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The proprietor of a successful optical shop was
instructing his son on how to charge a customer.

“After you have fitted the customer’s glasses,” he
said, “and he asks you what the charge will be,
you say, ‘$200.’ Then see if he winces.

“If the customer doesn’t wince you say, ‘For the frames.
The lenses will be another $200.’

“If he still doesn’t wince, you say firmly, ‘Each.'”



  1. lol

  2. Glasses are expensive aren’t they? The frame is just some thin pieces of alloy/metal and the lens glass….not silver, gold or diamond (though that would make them very heavy) 😛

    • about to commit suicide
    • Posted November 4, 2006 at 8:53 am
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    actually, almost no glasses these days have glass lenses – they’re plastic.

  3. sandra: lol back
    bablefish:fyi: frames are not jus thin pieces of alloys, the process is so comlpicated (i really wanna know myself but guess it’s top secret 😦 . dunno about diamond but silver & gold are not as heavy as you think & there ar e many metals that are much expensive, sounding like metallurgists?!?! uugghhh sorry got emo when talkin about the subjects i had at univ.

    a.t.c.suicide:as far as i know lenses are no cheaper than glasses & they can still charge you for “each” 😆

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